Spike: Conversational Email App Company Launches End-to-End Email And Team Chat Service

By Amit Chowdhry ● Jun 21, 2023

Spike – a leading conversational email app – has announced the launch of Spike for Teams, which is an end-to-end email and team chat service that delivers an exceptional unified communication and collaboration experience for small-to-medium-sized businesses, including agencies, law firms, IT companies, development agencies, and anyone who needs to collaborate efficiently.

With this new feature release, Spike for Teams features a fully hosted email and team chat service, enabling smooth communication between internal teams and external stakeholders even if they’re not Spike users.

Recent research highlighted that fragmented communication platforms can lead to decreased productivity, confusion, and communication silos, which costs businesses an average of over $12,500 per employee per year. And employees lose up to 5 hours per week looking for information between their various apps. And while employees have access to many communications services now, email remains the dominant mode of business communication.

Spike for Teams prevents communication chaos by consolidating conversational email, messaging, video conferencing, project management, AI-assisted services, and collaborative document management into a single space. And this approach results in one invoice (at a fraction of the cost) and one streamlined end-user experience.

Spike essentially offers users the flexibility to utilize their own email domain or conveniently purchase a custom domain directly from Spike, assuring secure, reliable, and archivable email and messaging functions. And Teams can seamlessly manage their entire communications across web-based clients, mobile apps, and desktop applications, making collaboration straightforward and efficient.

Through Spike for Teams, users are able to smoothly transition modes of communication – start a video meeting from an email, escalate a chat message to an audio call, and collaborate on projects, thus enhancing teamwork and efficiency, and increasing your speed of business.

The key features include:

— Custom Domain: Ability to connect an existing business email domain or get one from Spike

— Conversational Email: Email that feels like chat, making it effortless to stay responsive

— Magic Message: AI-powered assistant assists users in replying, writing emails, notes, and more

— Priority Inbox: Pushes the most important emails to the top of your inbox

— Video Meetings: Video and audio calls built-in to email and team chat

— Collaborative Docs: Brainstorm, plan, edit, write, and work together

— Super Search: Find everything easily from files to conversations, instantly

— Channels & Groups: Company-wide and private spaces to discuss any project or topic

Spike is available on iOS, Android, Mac, PC, and web browsers with free and paid plans. And Spike has been featured on Apple’s App of the Day. Personally, I have been using Spike for years and I appreciate how intuitive it is, especially compared to other email management systems.


“Spike has been recognized as the world’s leading conversational email app on the market with more than 1 million active users globally. Now, we’re taking our vision of modern and unified communication and collaboration to the next level
by launching an integrated email and messaging service for businesses.”

“Spike for Teams enables support teams to deliver rapid, precise responses using customizable message templates. It allows agencies to deliver top-tier service to their clients through various channels—email, chat, voice, and video. Startups can keep everyone on the same page using private groups and public channels. As the only communication and collaboration platform built on the technology that powers email, Spike for Teams has a unique edge over platforms that often require everyone to be on the same platform for effective communication.”

— Dvir Ben Aroya, CEO of Spike

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