Spotify Launches Stations App For iOS And Android In The U.S.

By Dan Anderson ● June 5, 2019
  • Spotify has rolled out its Spotify Stations app for iOS and Android in the U.S.
  • Spotify Stations is a lightweight version of the audio streaming app with a radio-like experience

Streaming audio company Spotify has rolled out the Spotify Stations app for iOS and Android in the U.S. The Spotify Stations app is a lightweight version of its audio streaming app with an emphasis on creating radio stations. And it provides a radio-like experience rather than having to create your own playlists.

With the Spotify Stations app, you can add stations based on attributes like artists, decade, mood, and genre. Once the stations are added, you can easily switch between them. And there is a Favorites playlist that is created based on the interests of users. When you like or dislike the songs that are playing, the Spotify Stations app will get better at playing music personalized to your tastes.

Free users will hear ads and thumb up and thumb down songs. But they will not have unlimited skips. Paid Spotify app users will not hear ads and they can skip the songs unlimited times.

Spotify originally launched the Stations app for Android users in Australia last year followed up by an iOS version in Australia about a month ago. You can download the Spotify Stations app from the Apple App Store and Google Play now.