Sprocket Security: Continuous Penetration Testing Company Raises $8 Million

By Amit Chowdhry • Mar 31, 2024

Sprocket Security, an offensive security platform with an industry-leading continuous pentesting solution, announced its $8 million Series A financing. Led by Blueprint Equity, with participation from Wisconsin-based Capital Midwest Fund, the funding will accelerate Sprocket’s platform development, fuel customer success, and expand sales and marketing initiatives.

Sprocket enables security teams to validate their security posture continuously, understand their most complex risks, and mitigate threat exposure with high-quality support from an expert team.

Casey Cammilleri (Sprocket’s Founder and CEO) spent his entire career on the offensive side of cybersecurity and founded Sprocket to scale his domain expertise.


“Companies that have experience with a point in time pentest understand the limitations of the legacy model. Technology is constantly evolving and so must security measures. Automated solutions alone can’t keep up with the pace of change and lack critical business context. That’s why we believe in the hybrid approach of human-driven testing supported by automation. It’s the only way to ensure comprehensive and up-to-date testing. This continuous approach is being increasingly understood and appreciated by our customers who have, over the past two decades, witnessed that fully automated solutions can’t fulfill all their pentesting needs.”

“I was initially drawn to Blueprint’s experience investing in cybersecurity and their operationally focused approach. As we got to know the team at Blueprint, we realized what ‘operationally focused’ really means and are excited to have a collaborative partner as we rapidly scale to meet growing demand.”

– Casey Cammilleri, Sprocket’s Founder and CEO

“Within an ever-changing cybersecurity landscape, the only constant is the presence of threat actors. Constant vigilance, or penetration testing, is critical in understanding how and the extent to which vulnerabilities can be exploited by sophisticated hacker techniques. We see a growing demand among CISOs and IT security leaders for proactive security solutions as they look to harden the growing attack surface within their respective organizations. Casey and his COO, Gaurav Kulkarni, are solving this problem with unparalleled execution that customers have only described as a ‘true partnership.’ We’re honored to partner with outstanding leaders and domain experts like Casey and Gaurav.”

– Blueprint Equity’s Vice President John Bonhard, who will join Sprocket’s Board of Directors