StrongDM: Zero Trust Privileged Access Company Raises $34 Million

By Amit Chowdhry • May 9, 2024

StrongDM, a Zero Trust privileged access company, announced the closing of a $34 million Series C funding round led by Anchor Capital, with participation from new investors Capital One Ventures, Cisco Investments, Frontline Ventures, and Singtel Innov8, and existing investors including GV, Sequoia Capital, and True Ventures. This funding round highlights StrongDM’s commitment to reshaping enterprise security with its revolutionary Zero Trust privileged access management (PAM) solution. The Series C funding round brings StrongDM’s total funding to $96 million.

StrongDM has launched a next-generation PAM solution that shifts from traditional role- or attribute-based security models to one that emphasizes continuous, fine-grained, and context-aware policy enforcement. This approach scrutinizes each user action and context in real time, enabling immediate blocking or additional verification for activities that pose security risks. By focusing on preemptive measures rather than reactive responses, StrongDM aims to stop breaches as they are attempted, setting a new standard in cybersecurity.

With the new funding round, StrongDM will expand its operations into the Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) and Asia-Pacific (APAC) regions, addressing the growing demand for modern security solutions. And the company is also establishing an engineering center of excellence in Poland, bringing its innovations closer to global customers.

In the next few months, StrongDM will roll out advanced policy-based control features that further enhance security for critical infrastructure. And these include micro-authorizations and contextual enforcement capabilities designed to meet the specific needs of CISOs and security teams.


“Our Zero Trust approach extends beyond initial access, offering continuous protection throughout the entire session. This isn’t just about reducing identification times; it’s about preventing breaches before they even happen. We’re setting new standards that legacy access management providers have failed to achieve over the past decade.”

– Tim Prendergast, chief executive officer of StrongDM, emphasizes the transformative nature of its Zero Trust PAM solution

“StrongDM provides a way for users to create and apply policies that govern authorization in real time, which simplifies the process of proving regulatory compliance. By integrating comprehensive audit trails, we ensure that every action is recorded with precision. This provides unprecedented oversight and enforcement of security policies, creating an environment that is simple, agile, and secure.”

“StrongDM can also trigger policy-based MFA or administrator-defined workflows natively or in Slack or ServiceNow to implement multi-party authorization for risky actions.”

– Amol Kabe, chief product officer of StrongDM