Lawn Care Subscription Service Sunday Raises $6 Million

By Noah Long ● August 13, 2019
  • Direct-to-consumer lawn care subscription company Sunday announced that it raised $6 million in Series A funding

Sunday — a direct-to-consumer lawn care subscription company that provides customers with tailored non-toxic lawn nutrients, tools, and guidance for growing and maintaining natural lawns — recently announced that it raised $6 million in Series A funding. Tusk Venture Partners led the funding round with participation from Forerunner Ventures and Bullish. Including this round, Sunday has raised a total of $9 million within 6 months of launching.

Founded in 2018 by Coulter Lewis, Sunday has a goal of bringing innovation to the lawn care industry by offering an easy, smart, and natural way to grow and maintain healthy lawns. Sunday is a uses soil, climate, and satellite data to create a tailored nutrient and soil health plan optimized for each lawn. And Sunday mails the custom lawn nutrient products directly to the customer’s door and provides tools and year-round guidance to grow and maintain healthy lawns.

“With additional capital to support our growth and overall mission, Sunday will focus on bringing together data, technology and science to provide an antidote to mass-produced, “one size fits all” offerings in the market today, and take the guesswork out of caring for your yard by providing nutrient-rich, non-toxic products tailored specifically to your needs,” said Sunday CEO and founder Coulter Lewis. “We see this as a valuable opportunity to drive meaningful conversation about the industry and further answer consumer demand for transparency around what powerful chemicals are being used on their own backyards.”

Despite recent lawsuits related to health impacts from common lawn and garden care products, traditional lawn care products, their ingredients, and the way it is sold has not changed for decades. And to date, the industry has been controlled by a few key players that have limited product offerings and toxic ingredients like glyphosate and bifenthrin. Plus traditional lawn care lays down 90 million pounds of pesticides each year, making soil and grass dependent on chemical inputs.

“We invested in Sunday because their platform delivers safe, non-toxic products that are tailored to each consumers region, climate, and soil,” added Tusk Venture Partners managing partner Jordan Nof. “As consumer preferences continue to shift toward personalized, organic, and environmentally conscious products, we believe that Sunday is best positioned to become the trusted consumer brand for the exterior home.”

Sunday had launched in early 2019 with non-toxic lawn care products packed with nutrients and ingredients like seaweed extract, humic acid, and recycled grocery produce after two years in development and with the help of Dr. Frank Rossi, an associate professor of turfgrass science at Cornell University. Sunday’s products are based on the formula used by the best organic farmers in the country.

“We were excited to invest in Sunday because they are the most thoughtful company that we saw focused on replacing the tired and dangerous products found in the Lawn and Garden aisle,” explained Forerunner Ventures general partner Brian O’Malley. “Starting with a highly-differentiated, self-service fertilizer product, which is safe for families and personalized to make each of our individual lawns look beautiful, we believe Sunday can gain the trust of customers to go beyond the $40 billion market to help with all types of exterior home needs.”

Essentially Sunday is changing the way people care for their lawns. And with guidance and custom nutrients that contain natural ingredients, Sunday helps customers cultivate rich, living soil for a healthy lawn that’s more self-sustaining.

One year of Sunday starts at $129 for smaller lawn plans and includes 3 shipments of tailored products, a full soil test, and unlimited access to our smart tools and customized support.