Supervizor: Quality Assurance Company Secures $22 Million

By Amit Chowdhry • Jun 6, 2024

Supervizor, a leading plug and play Quality Assurance platform for finance teams, announced it had raised $22 million in a funding round led by Orange Ventures, with participation from Wille Finance, La Maison Partners, New Alpha Asset Management, Adelie Capital, and ISAI.

This new funding round will be used to drive continued innovation of its audit analytics platform and expansion of the company’s go-to-market operations worldwide.

Since 2016, Supervizor helped global organizations safeguard against financial and compliance risks by building error-proof financial statements, ensuring the highest quality standards. With Supervizor, finance, accounting, and compliance teams can continuously monitor transactions, detect multiple types of anomalies, and prevent fraudulent activities to provide an unrealized-to-date level of financial Quality Assurance.

Due to its deep functional expertise and library of millions of accounting patterns, Supervizor combines all ERP transactions and other data sources into a single, universal accounting model. This model serves as the foundation for its sophisticated AI-based algorithms.

The Supervizor financial Quality Assurance platform is trusted by 70+ global enterprises including Cirrus Logic, Club Med, Diebold Nixdorf, Hutchinson, Ikea, Lacoste, Michelin, and numerous others. Supervizor integrates with all major ERPs, is available on the SAP Store and distributed by Sage. And it was recently recognized by the AICPA for inclusion in its highly selective 2024 Startup Accelerator cohort.


“Improving organization’s financial Quality Assurance have been long sought corporate goals, but difficult to realize. The market to achieve such, however, is massive and surprisingly underserved. Supervizor’s rapidly growing customers are discovering firsthand the value that comes from better Quality Assurance including increased financial control, reduced costs and better compliance.”

  • Alban Clot, Founder and co-CEO of Supervizor

“We are eager to further grow our global customer base, particularly in North America, and forge new partnerships amongst the finance, accounting and technology industries. Our mission is to create a world where financial information is universally trusted.”

  • Arnaud Merlet, co-CEO of Supervizor

“We are pleased to partner with Supervizor as they carry on their journey to modernize financial risk management. Their innovative solution and increasing customer adoption are rapidly making them the leaders in their field. The Supervizor team is already driving meaningful impact for modern finance teams.”

  • Clement Combal at Orange Ventures