Supply Chain Visibility Company Tive Raises $54 Million

By Annie Baker ● Apr 14, 2022
  • Tive recently announced it raised $54 million in Series B funding. These are the details.

Tive – the technology leader in the new era of supply chain and logistics visibility – recently announced the closing of a $54 million Series B funding led by AXA Venture Partners with participation from Sorenson Capital, Qualcomm Ventures, Fifth Wall, SJF Ventures, and Floating Point Ventures as well as the existing investors RRE Ventures, Two Sigma Ventures, NextView Ventures, Hyperplane Ventures, Broom Ventures, and Supply Chain Ventures. 

Last year, Tive grew its revenue by over 300%, acquired more than 200 new customers, and expanded its global footprint. And this latest investment will fuel Tive’s rapidly growing international presence, with the expansion of global sales and marketing initiatives. Plus it will accelerate the development and introduction of next-generation solutions, and services, and bring actionable supply chain intelligence and 24/7 monitoring to the market.

Tive is continuing to outpace and out-innovate the competition with the most advanced multi-sensor trackers, a truly intuitive SaaS application, and a live 24/7 shipment monitoring service. And as the leading provider of supply chain tracking technology, Tive has delivered real-time shipment visibility in more than 200 countries and helped save thousands of shipments from being delayed, damaged, spoiled, or rejected.

In 2019, Tive had founded the Open Visibility Network (OVN) to ensure its vision of a world where everything and everyone is connected becomes a reality. And the OVN makes shipment-level data and insights available to mutual customers and is open to all leading technology-enabled stakeholders. The current OVN members and partners include project44, FourKites, TransVoyant, FarEye, Marine Traffic, Everstream Analytics, and many more. 


“Tive helps supply chain and logistics professionals bring their customers to the forefront and improve the experience of their deliveries. We empower every shipper and logistics service provider with the best visibility and monitoring tools. We are committed to developing products that create a seamless experience and don’t get in the way of our customer’s daily operations. With ongoing dedication from our investors, we continue to innovate and serve our customers while strengthening our position as a global provider of shipment insights that power the next generation of sustainable and efficient supply chains.”

— Krenar Komoni, Founder & CEO of Tive

“Tive has been scaling at an impressive rate, executing decisively on its vision where everything and everyone is connected. Supply chain visibility has become critical in solving large-scale problems in the world today, and Tive has emerged as the global market leader. The breadth of data Tive offers and ease of access for shippers, logistics providers and carriers are best in class. We believe that Tive’s next-gen solution and highly valuable network will continue to drive massive growth.”

— Alex Scherbakovsky, General Partner at AXA Ventures Partners