Taqtile Raises Funding From Scout Ventures

By Annie Baker • Jan 29, 2024

Taqtile – the maker of Manifest (a leading spatially-enabled work-instruction platform serving the industrial and defense sectors) – announced the addition of Scout Ventures as an investor. Taqtile will also add Scout Founder and Managing Partner Brad Harrison as a Board Observer.

Scout Ventures joins an increasingly impressive roster of institutions invested in the spatial pioneer, including London-based Mesmerise, Downer Group of Australia, Ascend Ventures, and the 5G Open Innovation Lab. Successful companies in the Scout Venture portfolio include Voyager Space, Unite Us, and Bespoke Post.

Scheduled to close early this year, this new financing will support strategic initiatives, including ramping up essential marketing programs, expanding support and sales staff, and bolstering engineering and development efforts. And Scout invests in dual-use technologies, like Manifest, capable of delivering robust solutions to private-sector commercial and public-sector defense customers. Plus, the firm has a proven track record of identifying companies with the technology, management, and business model to succeed in highly competitive markets.

The new funding will cap off a year of significant technical and operational advances at Taqtile, including:

— Expanding and solidifying already deep relationships with all branches of the U.S. military and many allies.

— Adding new top-tier clients, including Fastenal, British Airways, Genentech, and many others.

— Fortifying key partnerships, including Booz Allen Hamilton, Deloitte, Accenture, DigiLens, Magic Leap, etc.

— Introduction of Manifest Maker, a free application that enables efficient digitizing of undocumented knowledge from organization experts.


“Taqtile fulfills all our criteria for success as an innovator, uniquely poised to shape the future in both the defense and commercial sectors. Taqtile is revolutionizing how front-line workers evaluate and perform complex tasks in ways not possible with any other tool.”

— Brad Harrison, Managing Partner, Scout Ventures

“Momentum for spatial work-instruction solutions is rapidly building among industrial users and defense organizations. Market forces are aligning for major growth in 2024 and beyond with the introduction of compelling new hardware solutions that support the advanced capabilities of Manifest.”

— Taqtile CEO Dirck Schou