Veterinarian Telemedicine Company TeleVet Raises $2 Million

By Noah Long ● Jan 15, 2020
  • TeleVet, an online platform that connects veterinary clinics to their existing clients, announced it closed $2 million in seed funding

TeleVet — an online platform that connects veterinary clinics to their existing clients — announced it has closed $2 million in a seed round of funding. This round of funding was co-led by Dundee Venture Capital and Mercury Fund with participation from GAN Ventures.

And the funding will enable TeleVet to further invest in key hires and product innovation to meet the growing demand for its telemedicine platform and apps. TeleVet has a goal to elevate the relationship between the nearly 33,000 veterinary clinics and the more than 160 million pet owners in the U.S. through seamless communication across familiar channels such as texts, emails, and video calls.

Veterinarians often face long hours and have to deal with a variety of daily stressors. In many areas of the country, they might be the only practitioner for hundreds of miles, putting extra pressure on their schedule.

TeleVet is known for focusing on alleviating these challenges for veterinarians through a better work-life balance by protecting their personal information and time while still enabling them to easily provide care and generate revenue for their clinic.

“Over the past four years, we’ve become extremely close to our customers and the industry,” said TeleVet Co-Founder and CEO Steven Carter. “Running a veterinary practice can be stressful. You’re expected to be constantly available and always have the answers. We want to show veterinarians that we don’t just care about your practice, we care about you.”

Veterinarians are able to integrate TeleVet into their existing office workflow, instantly receiving and scheduling virtual consultations, online appointment scheduling, digital prescriptions, and more. And through partnerships with Embrace pet insurance, Vetsource for home prescription delivery, and Covetrus’ practice management software, TeleVet gives practice owners valuable tools for comprehensively run every aspect of their office.

“We’re bullish on the pet technology space, particularly solutions like TeleVet that serve both sides of the market. Pet owners have spent roughly $18 billion annually on veterinary care in the last two years, making veterinary care the fastest-growing category in Pet Tech,” added Allie Esch at Dundee Venture Capital. “TeleVet will power the next generation of veterinarians who are quick to adopt digital technology, recognizing that revenue, retention rates and care can improve through tech adoption.”

TeleVet provides an integrated mobile app extension to existing veterinarian practice management systems. And the TeleVet app allows two-way communication between clients and veterinary staff, enabling telemedicine, appointment scheduling, digital prescriptions, etc.

“TeleVet provides a modern, mobile experience for veterinarians and practice owners,” explained Blair Garrou, Managing Director at Mercury Fund. “Now pet owners can communicate with their vet as easily as they do with any other service provider. With more than 30,000 veterinary practices in the U.S., there’s a huge opportunity ahead for TeleVet.”