Tesla: Dog Mode And Sentry Mode Starts Rolling Out

By Dan Anderson ● February 15, 2019

Tesla Motors recently announced a couple of new modes that takes advantage of the sensors inside of its vehicles: Dog Mode and Sentry Mode. Here is what each of the modes does:

Dog Mode


The Dog Mode feature ensures that your dog will be able to sit in the vehicle at a comfortable temperature while you running errands. The large display at the center of the vehicle will say that you will be returning soon (“my owner will be back soon”) so passersby do not have to panic.

You can activate Dog Mode by going to the climate control settings and selecting the “DOG” option. This will allow you to adjust the temperature to a certain preset. If the car battery drops below 20% charge, then you will receive a notification on the mobile app.


Tesla recommends that you should still review local laws about leaving pets unattended in vehicles before you utilize the feature.

Sentry Mode

The Sentry Mode essentially puts your Tesla vehicle into a guard mode. It uses the exterior cameras for monitoring movement in order to identify any threats. Here is what the feature looks like:

For example, an alarm will sound if someone is leaning on the vehicle. And a notification on the dash display will say that a video is being recorded.

If someone smashes a window, then an alarm will be triggered. Plus the display brightness will be increased and the speakers will start playing at max volume.

The Sentry Mode will have to be enabled every time you want to activate it. And the video records are stored on a USB drive so you should have one of those ready to go, according to Teslarati.

This setting can be found under Controls > Safety & Security > Sentry Mode.

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