Tesla To Stop Offering ‘Many’ Model S And X Interior Options

By Annie Baker ● Updated October 29, 2018

Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk recently wrote a tweet that the automaker is going to stop offering “many” Model S and Model X interior configuration options in order to simplify production after November 1st. Musk did not specify which interior configuration options will be removed.

“To simplify production, many Tesla Model S & X interior configs, will no longer be available after Nov 1. Order now to be sure of the one you want,” wrote Musk in a tweet:


Currently, Tesla offers six interior options for the Model S and six interior options for the Model X. And just three of those options are available for the premium trim variant. Some of the interior options include leather, wood trim and several seating options for the Model S such as rear-facing seats. And the Model X has five-seat, six-seat, and seven-seat interior configuration options.

Tesla has been ramping up it’s ambitious production goals ever since the Tesla Model 3 started rolling out in July 2017. And a substantial amount of production tasks were automated at the company’s factory in Fremont, California earlier this year. Plus human factory workers are working around the clock to handle assembly processes.

Tesla’s reduction of configuration options could help the company reduce expenses and improve the margins on the vehicles it sells. As of now, Tesla is in the red due to the substantial increase in costs associated with the Model 3 output.

According to Business Insider, Tesla announced this month that 80,142 vehicles were produced for the third quarter. This is the highest quarterly production rate in Tesla’s history and is 50% higher than the company’s previous high — which happened in the second quarter of this year. Last month, Tesla also removed the Silver Metallic and Obsidian Black exterior color options to simplify production as well.

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