Tesla Model S To Get Phone Tethering, Tile Precaching, And Wi-Fi Soon

By Amit Chowdhry ● Aug 4, 2013

Tesla Motors chief executive officer and product architect Elon Musk spoke at the Teslive 2013 in Northern California on the weekend of July 12th.  And last week, Tesla Motors added the recorded video from Elon Musk’s talks at the event on YouTube.

The town hall event was an opportunity for Tesla owners and enthusiasts to ask questions and share ideas about the company.

Valet Mode
Around the 37:34 mark in the video below, one of the attendees at the event said: “my one question would be on the valet parking.  Is there any thought to being able to limit the speed of the car?  Of course, we are all very protective of our cars.  We don’t want anyone else to get in it and do some crazy things.  Will there be any thought to limiting that via a button on the valet?”

Elon Musk responded by saying “Yes, yes.  Technically, that actually is a function in the car already.  It’s just not been exposed to the end user.”  When asked when the feature will be released, Musk said “Maybe by the end of the year.  We’ve got a bunch of things in the future release plan that we need to get through first.  There’s a ton of additional functionality that we want to add to the car via an over-the-air update, but the thing that has held that up recently is just getting the European version of the car working.  So there has been a lot of work by the software team on internationalization of the software, which has obviously limited the actual features that can be rolled out.”

Musk did confirm some of the features that will be coming in “1 to 2 months” (as of July 12th):

Maps North Up/Tile Precached
“A lot of people have been asking for the maps to have a north up capability.  That’ll be rolled out in about a month or two.”  Musk said that another software update that is coming is the ability for tiles to be precached.”

Phone Tethering
“You will also have the capability to tether through your phone so if you have LTE on your phone and that is going to be faster, then you can tether through your phone and get higher speed connectivity,” said Musk.

Musk added “There will also be Wi-Fi capability.  That is probably some good stuff that will be coming out.”