Tiger Infrastructure Partners Fund III: Growth Capital Closed With Acquisition Of Unison Energy

By Amit Chowdhry • Jun 25, 2024

Tiger Infrastructure Partners, a middle market growth infrastructure investor, announced the acquisition of Unison Energy, a fully integrated Energy-as-a-Service (EaaS) platform that offers behind-the-meter microgrid solutions, including comprehensive power, heating, and cooling solutions to a wide array of end-markets in North America.

The Unison acquisition expands Tiger’s portfolio of investments in energy transition – which is one of the firm’s three sectors of focus. And this growth capital investment is the last of 9 platform investments for Tiger Infrastructure Partners Fund III (closed at its hard cap of $1.25 billion in early 2022).

Based out of Greenwich, CT, Unison designs, builds, owns, and operates microgrids on-site at customer locations. And Unison’s solutions enable cost savings, reduce carbon footprint, and ensure energy resiliency with no capital outlay for the customer. Unison owns and operates about 30 projects (operating and with signed Energy Service Agreements) across essential end-markets including hospitals, data centers, hospitality, food and beverage, biofuels, and other industrials.

This portfolio is supported by long-term and fixed-price contracts with high-credit quality counterparties and no commodity exposure. And the company focuses on markets with resiliency challenges and/or elevated power prices across the Northeast, Southwest and Midwest.


“The role of reliable, resilient, on-site power generation is becoming increasingly sought after as the global energy transition continues apace. We believe that Unison is benefiting from long-term secular tailwinds including an aging grid that is increasingly burdened by the growth of renewable energy and a demonstrable step-change in demand for power driven by artificial intelligence and a drive towards onshoring certain elements of US manufacturing. We are excited to partner with the Unison team to support the company in its next phase of growth and capitalize on the strong and growing demand for access to more dependable, consistent, cost-effective and lower-carbon power.”

– Tiger CEO Emil W. Henry, Jr.

“Unison provides tailored solutions for commercial and industrial businesses seeking to address rising energy costs, power resiliency challenges, and carbon emissions reductions. We leverage our proprietary systems and in-house engineering and operation & maintenance expertise to play a critical role in power generation and decarbonization. We have been expanding our offering to include on-site carbon capture and other in demand solutions. We believe Unison is well-positioned to become the partner of choice for discerning customers seeking a reliable, long-term solution to reduce cost, enhance resiliency and decarbonize operations.”

– Unison Co-Founder and Co-CEO Andy Cooper

“Tiger has deep experience in energy transition, experience with similar business models and track record of partnering with teams to build and scale platforms. As a result, we determined that Tiger would be the ideal partner. We have an actionable pipeline of projects and we are excited to provide creative solutions to our customers with the support of Tiger.”

– Unison Co-Founder and Co-CEO Tim Lukes