Tomahawk Robotics: How This Florida-Based Company Is Driving The Adoption Of Robotics

By Noah Long ● December 14, 2018

Tomahawk Robotics is a Melbourne, Florida-based company that is bringing advanced robotic control systems to enterprise markets. The company recently raised $2.4 million in an oversubscribed seed round of funding led by Mosley Venture Partners. Naples Technology Ventures, Scout Ventures, and Stout Street Capital also participated in this round.

Currently, a majority of robots are found in factories with structured environments and requiring high precision and specialized engineers to install and operate them.


With this funding, Tomahawk is going to further evolve its Tomahawk Robotics’ Kinesis platform and expand product development and engineering teams in order to address immediate deliverables for key customers. Tomahawk Robotics created Kinesis as a way to address the lack of flexibility of these systems for new uses and due to their high costs.

Photo Credit: Tomahawk Robotics


“We are honored to have Mosley Venture Partners lead our initial seed round. We are fortunate to have a committed investment partner who not only supports our vision but also brings significant strategic value,” said Tomahawk Robotics co-founder and CEO Brad Truesdell in a statement. “With their continued support we are confident that Tomahawk Robotics will play a major role in the development of the robotics technologies of tomorrow.”

Kinesis enables the collaboration of multi-domain robotic systems including air, ground, and maritime. And it faciliates the use of robotics for enterprises in the service economy as it reduces costs and makes robotic systems easier to use.


“Technologies coming together to create new solutions that provide tremendous benefit to the health, safety and security of individuals around the world is a key focus for us,” added Mosley Venture partner John Vecchio. “Leveraging the various robotic technologies that exist today, and creating cohesive, extensible control solutions that can not only save time and money for customers, but also contribute to the safety of workers is what drew us to Tomahawk Robotics. We’re excited about partnering with the Tomahawk team and see what solutions can be created, and what problems can be solved, when different robotic technologies are combined”