Twitter Is Planning To Bring Back Chronological Timelines

By Annie Baker ● September 19, 2018

Twitter is now implementing the ability to see tweets in chronological order again. You will be able to switch back-and-forth between seeing “the best” tweets and the chronological order again. Twitter is planning to have a switch to toggle between these options.


The switch from a chronological order to “the best” tweets had mixed reactions, which is one of the reasons why Twitter is going to provide both options. Twitter’s “best” tweets are determined by machine learning technology and based on the actions that you perform using the app.


“We want you to have control over what you see in your timeline. Soon, you’ll have even more control with the option to provide additional feedback on Tweets when you have the ‘Show the best Tweets first’ setting turned on,” said Twitter Support in a tweet:

If you had “Show the best Tweets first” turned off, then you would still see the “In case you missed it” tweets towards the top of the app. But that is no longer going to be the case.


It’s worth mentioning that many Twitter users created Lists of people to see tweets in chronological order again.

From the Twitter website, you will have to go to Settings and Privacy, go to the Content section, and remove the checkmark in the box that says “Timeline – Show the best Tweets first” if you want to see tweets in chronological order there.