Twitter Drives 10% Of The New York Times Website Traffic

By Amit Chowdhry ● Sep 21, 2009

Martin Nisenholtz, the SVP of Digital Operations at The New York Times Company was speaking at the OMMA Global conference in New York City. Nisenholtz revealed that Twitter drives 10% of The New York Times’ traffic.

The New York Times Twitter account has 1.8 million followers thus far and the number is growing at a rapid pace. This is “up from 0 a year ago,” according to Nisenholtz.

The interesting part about the traffic that The New York Times is getting from Twitter is that the micro-blogging company is not getting any money out of it. Twitter doesn’t have a revenue model as of right now.

But given how much major news agencies are relying on the micro-blogging service, the company could eventually take advantage of their situation.