Twitter Lite Expands To 21 Additional Countries

By Annie Baker ● August 14, 2018

Twitter has released a lightweight version of its Android app for free on the Google Play Store about a year ago. Known as Twitter Lite, it was released in a small number of countries at first. Twitter Lite has now been expanded to 21 countries.

The expansion list includes Argentina, Belarus, Dominican Republic, Ghana, Guatemala, Honduras, India, Indonesia, Jordan, Kenya, Lebanon, Morocco, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Romania, Turkey, Uganda, Ukraine, Uruguay, Yemen, and Zimbabwe. 


Twitter Lite consumes less data while still providing most of the same functions as the main Twitter app. Twitter Lite was designed in a way where it would still be able to load content quickly even on 2G and 3G networks. And it uses less than 3MB of storage space on devices. To consume even less data, you can also set up the data save mode so that only the images and videos that you want to see are downloaded.

Twitter also added push notifications and threaded tweets to Twitter Lite recently. Other features in Twitter Lite include bookmarks and night mode.


Twitter Lite was already available in Algeria, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Egypt, El Salvador, Israel, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Mexico, Nepal, Nigeria, Panama, Peru, Philippines, Serbia, South Africa, Tanzania, Thailand, Tunisia, and Venezuela.

“As mobile-first users continue to change how we use the internet, we want to make sure that Twitter is relevant, useful, and dependable,” said Twitter in a blog post. “Wherever you are, we want to make Twitter your go-to place to find out what’s happening. While we continue working to make this app available in more countries, you can always access Twitter through your smartphone or tablet browser, by visiting With Twitter Lite, you can get real-time updates on news, sports, entertainment, politics, and other topics that matter most to you, without having to sacrifice on data or storage.”