Two Former Jobster Executives Create Stealth Startup MergeLab

By Amit Chowdhry • Oct 25, 2007

Jobster has enormous potential and even had several enormous rounds of funding, but the company is constantly struggling to gain real traction. This may be why two of their executives decided to leave and start their own company.

Phillip Bogle, former CTO and a co-founder of Jobster announced that he is working on MergeLab, a mobile consumer service company. Other members of the founding team include Alan Steele, the former VP of Engineering at Jobster. Alan worked at Openwave Systems and eRoom Technology previously. Mark Aiken and Adam MacBeth have joined as well. Aiken previously worked at Microsoft and Avogadro, a wireless instant messaging startup company. Macbeth previously worked at Implicit Networks.

Bogle is known for creating Beyond411, a software built for the Blackberry that supports GPS provides instant access to Yahoo! yellow pages, and makes searching the web easier. The software was created using Yahoo! Local Search APIs, Ruby on Rails, and

MergeLab’s company name may change and the company is currently in early conversations with investors.