Uber Rolls Out Personalization Features Like Quiet Mode And Luggage Help

By Dan Anderson ● May 19, 2019

Earlier this month, Uber senior product manager Aydin Ghajar announced several new features including quiet mode, luggage help, temperature control, extended pickup period, premium support, professionalism, and consistent vehicle quality. However, these new features work with just Uber Black and Uber Black SUV for now. 

Uber integrated these features based on feedback received from Uber Black and Uber Black SUV riders who wanted high-quality service and premium comfort.

Quiet Mode: The quiet mode feature allows you to make your trip quieter so you can focus on emails or take a nap. You can set this up with one tap. Or you can turn on a preference for chatting with the driver if you are in the mood for socializing.


Help with Luggage: With this feature, you can let your driver know that you need help loading your luggage.

Temperature Control: The temperature control feature allows you to request your optimal temperature before getting into a vehicle.

Extended Pickup Period: This feature allows riders to have a little extra time to get to the car when unexpected delays happen.

Premium Support: This feature offers premium phone support with live agents if you need something to be made right.

Professionalism: With the professionalism feature, you can ride with confidence knowing that drivers will be on their A game.

Consistent Vehicle Quality: With this feature, you can expect the same kinds of rides every time with consistent vehicle models, makes, interiors, and exteriors.

“We know that when riders choose Uber Black and Uber Black SUV, they want a consistent, high quality experience every time they ride. With these new features and more to come, we’re excited to ensure that our riders can arrive relaxed and refreshed, wherever they’re headed,” said Ghajar.