Upword: Knowledge Management Company Raises $3 Million

By Amit Chowdhry • Jul 8, 2024

Knowledge management solutions provider Upword announced the launch of its AI-powered research companion tool and the completion of a $3 million pre-seed funding round.

This research companion uses Generative AI (Gen AI) to transform how research is managed by utilizing data provided by the user. And the tool offers a personalized experience that adheres to traditional research methods while significantly boosting productivity.

The new tool’s launch follows a beta that engaged 30,000 users and 1,000 paying customers. While Upword was designed for researchers and students, 50% of paid subscriptions were professionals outside of academia among the beta users.

Upword addresses these concerns by utilizing AI’s capabilities while also ensuring high levels of personalization, tailoring, and contextualization for important research. And unlike traditional AI chatbots, Upword operates through a sophisticated interface designed specifically for research management.


“For researchers, the advancement of AI has had little effect on the way they work. The rigorous, step-by-step methodology that defines research has made AI chatbots overwhelming and often inconvenient. While studying in law school, my vision was to build productivity tools that kept me in control, accommodating the need for nuance and rigor in scholarly work while providing the benefits of generative AI. Upword was the result. Now, students, academics, and professionals across many industries have access to a tool that delivers on the promise of GenAI.”

– Roee Barak, Founder and CEO of Upword