UserTesting And UserZoom Merging To Create Experience Research Powerhouse

By Noah Long • Apr 4, 2023

Video-based human insight leader UserTesting and UX insights leader UserZoom have announced a merger. This new company will use the UserTesting company name and be led by the current UserTesting Chief Executive Officer Andy MacMillan, and a combined executive team.

Combining the two companies creates a comprehensive end-to-end solution for experience research, designed to give companies the continuous insights and direct feedback they need to build products and experiences that customers love–from creation through to execution. Receiving input earlier in the creation process — before it reaches every customer — helps remove the guesswork so individuals can make better decisions and reduce risk. This merger follows the previously announced acquisitions of UserZoom and UserTesting by Thoma Bravo, a leading software investment firm.

As a combined company, UserTesting is going to provide critical experience insights for UX research, design, product, and marketing professionals at small- and mid-sized businesses as well as large enterprises. And by bringing together UserZoom’s breadth of research capabilities, depth of consultative services, proprietary QX Score benchmarking methodology, and experience insights hub, with UserTesting’s enterprise-scale technology, proprietary contributor network, and AI and ML-driven insights and learnings, organizations are going to benefit from the quality and speed of the combined offerings to build better products and experiences.

UserTesting and UserZoom’s complementary strengths and investments in innovation are going to help more companies access fast feedback and validation, perform quality research, speed up time to insights, and measure the performance of their experiences. And with greater access to these insights, organizations are able to innovate faster, make more confident business decisions, and build experiences that meet changing customer expectations–resulting in higher revenue, greater customer loyalty, and lower costs and risks associated with bringing new products and experiences to market.

Later this quarter, mutual customers are going to have access to an integrated login experience that will enable them to easily access both platforms. Andover the next year, UserTesting will bring together the technologies onto a single platform, while also continuing to invest in product innovation, including new features, add-ons, and integrations.

Over 100 companies use both UserTesting and UserZoom today. And the combined company now serves 75 of the Fortune 100 companies, with over 3,400 customers globally in more than 45 countries.


“Delivering exceptional digital experiences that align with ever-changing customer demands are top of mind for companies’ laser focused on profitable growth. But far too often understanding WHY an experience meets, exceeds, or misses a person’s expectations is left as an afterthought or something to analyze in the aftermath. The combination of UserTesting and UserZoom empowers organizations of all sizes to see and hear the very human side of an experience, which can help teams truly understand how their digital products, services, and journeys will perform. If teams are truly listening, these listening posts can also reveal the why. What sets UserTesting apart is its ability to scale the impact of insights across an organization–from research and design to product and marketing. Any team that wants to open their digital products and experiences up to the voice of the customer can quickly access valuable, unfiltered sentiments, reactions, and preferences. I am really looking forward to what comes from UserTesting as it becomes a powerful solution in this age of the experience economy.”

  • Liz Miller, VP and principal analyst at Constellation Research

“Over the past 15 years, our two companies have shaped the world of UX research and design. By bringing together the two leaders in the space, we will be able to innovate faster, and bring more value to our customers–helping everyone in an organization better understand what it’s like to be a customer. Our customers will immediately benefit from the enhanced strengths and efficiencies that integrating these two platforms will provide–and we look forward to continuing to help them transform the way they connect with their customers and build digital products and experiences.”

  • Andy MacMillan, CEO of UserTesting