UV Angel: $11 Million Closed For Developing IoT-Based Tech For Reducing Health And Safety Hazards

By Noah Long • Aug 21, 2023

Pallas Ventures – a dual-use venture capital firm specializing in national security, defense, and innovation – recently announced an investment in UV Angel. This IoT-based technology company reduces health and safety hazards. The $11 million Series A Round extension comes after significant market and technology advances by the company.

The UV Angel platform is the only system on the market that provides a complete end-to-end solution that can monitor building environments, analyze environmental data, integrate with building management systems, and is proven to destroy threats such as mold, viruses, bacteria. And the capabilities of the UV Angel Technology Platforms are supported by thousands of successful in-field deployments as well as numerous peer reviewed and published studies.


“We are excited to partner with UV Angel, they offer the leading technology that actually destroys airborne fungi, bacteria, and viruses. Throughout my decades of experience in the defense community, I have seen firsthand the challenges that our military face in building and maintaining the quality of infrastructure that our troops, families, and civilian personnel deserve.”

— Tony DeMartino, Partner of Pallas Ventures

“We believe protecting our military personnel, teachers & students, government officials, healthcare workers, and anyone within the indoor environments, is critical to present and future U.S. needs. One important impact of our technology is how our systems can monitor for mold conditions, destroy it, and help keep it from coming back, thus protecting our military personnel and their families.”

— Tom Byrne, CEO of UV Angel