Vintage Investment Partners: $200 Million Closed For Fourth Growth-Stage Fund

By Amit Chowdhry • Jan 14, 2024

Vintage Investment Partners announced the closing of its 4th Growth-Stage Venture Fund (Growth IV) at $200 million, above its target. Like Vintage’s previous Growth funds, Growth IV will invest in 15-20 leading Israeli, European, and U.S. growth-stage technology startups, together with its trusted network of tier-one venture capital funds.

This Fund – which is Vintage’s 16th fund overall – will operate in parallel to Vintage’s Fund of Funds and Secondary Funds, all driven by Vintage’s deep database and network, bringing Vintage’s total assets under management to roughly $4 billion.

Vintage will continue supporting its portfolio companies and funds through its free Value+ services. And the Value+ team cultivates relationships with over 500 leading corporations to generate meaningful business engagements for startups, funds, and corporate partners. Plus, Vintage’s Value+ has generated over 3,300 meetings and introductions between startups and corporations, resulting in nearly 300 known purchase orders or paid proof of concepts for startups from global corporations and over $200 million in business.

Vintage has grown its team significantly to over 60 people since its last growth fund.


“Having just completed Vintage’s 20th anniversary year, we are entering one of the most exciting periods the firm has witnessed in venture capital investing, with innovation and disruption still occurring at a breathtaking pace across a wide variety of sectors, all the while valuations are becoming attractive after the recent bubble years. Further, despite the tough fundraising environment for venture capital funds, we were able to close Growth IV above target, and are grateful for the strong show of support from our limited partners.”

— Abe Finkelstein, General Partner at Vintage

“Vintage has continuously shown an ability to not only access and support leading companies at the growth stage such as JFrog, Honeybook, Minute Media, Mirakl,, SentinelOne, Silverfort, Wiliot, Wolt, Yotpo, and many more, but also generate strong distributions to investors while remaining disciplined in deployment pace and fund sizes. Going forward, we will maintain our laser focus on both partnering with and serving the best founders and teams, and generating market leading returns for our investors.”

— Asaf Horesh, General Partner at Vintage

“We aim to be more than just capital and work our hardest to add value and serve all of our companies. We connect startups with customers, investors, and industry experts. Even when we’re not the largest investor or on the board, our goal is to be the most impactful partner a founder can have.”

— Amit Frenkel, General Partner at Vintage

“For the last seven years, we have been working hard to build Vintage for the future. We are fortunate to have two generations of excellent future leaders of the firm who I believe can bring Vintage to the next level. I am thrilled that my Partners so successfully raised Growth IV and look forward to working with them to profitably deploy the $632 million fund of funds we raised in 2022, the $312 million secondary fund that we raised a couple of years ago, and the remaining capital in Growth III.”

— Alan Feld, Founder and Managing Partner of Vintage