Virtual Events Platform BuzzCast Closes $4.35 Million In Seed Funding

By Amit Chowdhry • Oct 11, 2021
  • BuzzCast — a premium virtual events platform – announced that it has closed a $4.35 million seed round. These are the details.

BuzzCast — a premium virtual events platform – announced that it has closed a $4.35 million seed round that it will use to integrate NFTs into premium virtual events. This funding round was led by Ayre Ventures with participation from The Syndicate, a group of 9,000+ accredited investors led by Jason Calacanis.

BuzzCast had recently emerged from stealth mode as an established player in the high-end of the virtual and hybrid event landscape. And the platform is unique in that it delivers a broadcast-quality experience, can scale to support hundreds of thousands of attendees with zero down-time, and supports complex tracks and formats with advanced networking features. BuzzCast clients include global brands and organizations, including Anthem, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, The World Trade and Tourism Council, Just for Laughs, and Uber.

BuzzCast will also allow event hosts and sponsors to gamify the attendee experience in virtual and hybrid events, enabling them to drive behavior, reward visitors with prizes and incentives, and extend their interaction with guests before, during, and after the event, all built on BSV. And the low transaction price and large block size will enable us to turn content, rewards and contact information into micro-NFTs that visitors can collect and trade at will.


“We are producing high-profile conferences and industry events where the interactions between attendees can change the world or move markets. Our vision is to make ticketing and transactions highly secure and non-fungible, so there is a clear record of all of the people who attended and the digital interactions that took place at a BuzzCast event. The BSV enterprise blockchain is known for its safety and security, low transaction costs, and ability to scale, which make it a natural choice for what we want to build as the next generation of our platform.”

— Ryan Byrne, co-founder and CEO of BuzzCast

“BuzzCast has uncovered an exciting market opportunity that has the potential to transform how virtual and hybrid events are produced, setting a new quality standard for sponsors and attendees. BuzzCast embodies the possibilities that BSV’s infinite scaling capacity offers to forward-looking enterprises.”

— Ayre Ventures founder Calvin Ayre

“We’re excited with BuzzCast’s early progress and excited to see where this funding takes them.”

— Jason Calacanis of The Syndicate