Vital Interaction: Healthcare Technology Company Secures $15 Million

By Annie Baker • Jan 30, 2024

Vital Interaction – a healthcare technology company that combines healthcare data, business intelligence, and workflow automation – announced the closing of $15 million in Series A funding led by Next Coast Ventures.

Vital Interaction utilizes essential practice and patient data to ensure patients follow through on prescribed care plans, recalling and reactivating new and existing patients to encourage follow-up appointments and reduce patient churn. Plus, it uses appointment, clinical, and billing data to generate automated, customizable campaigns for targeted patient outreach.

By analyzing millions of these patient touchpoints, Vital Interaction enables hyper-personalization of patient communications, thus improving patient retention, reducing no-show appointments, and re-engaging existing patients.

With carefully designed workflows, Vital Interaction automates sending these patient touchpoints, introducing new ways for care providers to share critical health information with patients.

Based in Austin, TX, Vital Interaction will rapidly use the additional capital to scale its go-to-market strategy. And it will ramp hiring quickly, growing the company headcount by more than 60% in 2024. The firm will continue its investment in product research and development, which it has done over the past several years, and will launch new features to drive hyper-personalized patient communication.

Vital Interaction’s core functionality is based on millions of patient data points about appointment prep, follow-ups, and ongoing care plans, and it helps medical practices communicate seamlessly with patients across multiple channels and ensures touchpoints come at the exact right time to ensure patients take necessary steps to improve their health and combat disease.


“The industry has been woefully behind in finding ways to automate the time-consuming and complex process of patient communication; current modes of communication are often generic, resulting in a poor patient experience. We believe our data and carefully designed communications streams will ensure that patients adhere to even the most complex long-term care plans, improving their health outcomes and quality of life.”

“We believe that better communication leads to better healthcare. We already power more than 40 million messages a year to over 5 million patients. So the more we can invest and scale, the more we can impact healthcare overall with better communication.”

– Vital Interaction CEO Ben Chapman

“By modernizing and personalizing every step of the patient experience, Vital Interaction offers a transformative solution for the healthcare industry. We are thrilled to see what is next for Ben Chapman and Vital Interaction’s impressive team.”

– Michael Smerklo, Co-founder and Managing Partner of Next Coast Ventures