VulnCheck: Exploit Intelligence Company Closes $7.95 Million

By Amit Chowdhry • Apr 19, 2024

Exploit intelligence company VulnCheck announced the final closing of its seed funding round at a total of $7.95 million, with $4.75 million in new funding. The latest funding round includes participation from Sorenson Capital.

This funding round will be used to drive growth and support product development for its offerings that empower enterprise platforms and workflows and meet the increased demand for the exploit intelligence needs of government teams and organizations protecting critical infrastructure.

In the last year, VulnCheck has remained hyper-focused on helping solve the vulnerability prioritization challenge. And significant milestones include the:

1.) IP Intelligence, a new feature designed to track vulnerable internet-connected devices and attacker infrastructure, was introduced.

2.) Launch of the VulnCheck Community Tier of services: VulnCheck XDB (comprehensive repository of exploits and proof-of-concepts hosted on git repositories); VulnCheck Known Exploited Vulnerabilities catalog (a database delivering advanced intelligence on vulnerabilities being actively exploited in the wild); VulnCheck NVD​ (a tool offering a stable and high-performance source of NVD 2.0 CVE data via API or downloadable JSON files, and the ability to access NVD 1.0).


“Since launching, we’ve seen demand for VulnCheck’s intelligence services skyrocket. Advanced vulnerability management, threat intelligence, and application security features are on the horizon, and VulnCheck is committed to continuing to help organizations prioritize threats in today’s rapidly evolving landscape. This funding is a testament to our momentum, and we are excited to further invest in developing our enterprise and critical infrastructure solutions.”

– Anthony Bettini, founder and CEO at VulnCheck

“Vulnerability management teams are expected to do a lot with very little time. Most enterprise security teams lack the real-time visibility into the vulnerabilities that matter, meaning they don’t have a way to quickly analyze a potential exploit path. VulnCheck is redefining how security teams prioritize which vulnerabilities to address first by enriching data with a real-time assessment of exploit weaponization. We are excited to continue partnering with VulnCheck as they embark on the next chapter of their journey to revolutionize the way enterprises, critical infrastructure and government organizations manage vulnerabilities at scale.”

– Ken Elefant, Partner at Sorenson Capital