Waymo Hires First Chief Safety Officer And Chief Commercial Officer

By Amit Chowdhry ● November 27, 2018

Waymo, the company that is formerly known as Google’s self-driving car project, has announced that it has hired their first Chief Safety Officer and Chief Commercial Officer. Waymo’s first Chief Safety Officer is Deborah Hersman and first Chief Commercial Officer is Amee Chande. Hersman and Chande will both report to Waymo CEO John Krafcik. Waymo said that these newly created positions will emphasize their commitment to public safety and their first important steps toward commercialization.

“I’m proud to welcome two talented and experienced executives in the field of safety and business operations who will lead us into our next phase of growth,” said Waymo CEO John Krafcik in a statement. “As we begin to make our self-driving cars available to the public, safety will continue to be front-and-center of everything we do. Debbie has dedicated her career to safety and will lead our efforts to evolve our world-class safety program so we can deliver on our mission to make our roads safer.”

Hersman is joining Waymo in January from the National Safety Council where she was CEO and President since 2014. And Hersman will be responsible for field and systems safety across Waymo’s testing and development program. And she will oversee the design and enhancement of Waymo’s product safety program.

“Waymo is well known for its industry-leading technology and I’m excited to join the team to ensure we continue to build upon its world-class programs, continuously innovating and advancing the field of safety,” added Hersman. “I’ve dedicated my career to promoting safety in our communities, and I’m joining Waymo because of the potential to make an even greater impact on reducing road injuries and fatalities.”

Chande is going to lead business strategy, corporate development, operations, and strategic partnerships as Chief Commercial Officer. Currently, members of the public in Phoenix, Arizona are trialing Waymo vehicles ahead of a commercial service. This program will be overseen by Chande. Chande is joining Waymo from Alibaba Group, which is where she was managing director of global strategy and operations. And she previously had executive leadership positions at Staples, Tesco, and Walmart.

“I’m thrilled to join Waymo as the team takes its first steps toward commercialization,” explained Chande. “Waymo is beginning the journey of deploying the world’s most experienced driver across our key business areas, enabling a new form of shared transportation. I look forward to creating and expanding revenue opportunities for the business as we introduce our first commercial application and evolve our technology, service, and availability over time.”