Wellthy: Care Concierge Platform Closes $25.5 Million In Funding

By Noah Long ● May 26, 2023

Wellthy – a leading care concierge platform covering 2 million lives with expert personal and digital support – announced that it has raised an additional $25.5 million in funding to support the company’s continued growth and work to drive solutions to today’s care crisis.

There are 3 new investors that are part of this latest investment round for Wellthy: Citi Impact Fund, Cercano Management, and Stardust Equity. And these investors join Hearst, Eldridge, Rethink Impact, and other existing Wellthy investors in completing this round. This funding round of investment in Wellthy will also enable the company to broaden its work in several exciting areas, including end-of-life planning and resources, as well as better care support for teenagers and their families.

One of the most immediate areas this investment helped enable is the acquisition of the platform Lantern, which is a public benefit corporation founded in 2018 that provides step-by-step guidance for individuals and families on navigating life before and after a death. And Lantern’s foundation is expert human support combined with precision technology to support families, making it a perfect fit for Wellthy’s first acquisition and one of the first meaningful crossovers between caregiving and end-of-life platforms.


“Millions of people wake up every day with responsibilities across a wide spectrum of care, including childcare, eldercare, and self-care – and these demands on individuals and families are only going to increase. This round of investment positions Wellthy to not just remain the market leader – but to scale our business and expand in areas to serve family and working caregivers at every stage of life. It will enable us to cover more lives with caregiving benefits, work even more collaboratively and expansively with employers and health plans, and maintain a world-class member experience to help people care for themselves and their loved ones.”

“We’ve entered a new chapter at Wellthy. We have exceptional talent and teams – passionate employees who have delivered phenomenal results for companies, health plans, and family caregivers. We’re leveraging what differentiates us and expanding: more partnerships, more acquisitions, more programmatic focuses, and more members whose lives are undeniably changed because of the support they get from Wellthy.”

— Lindsay Jurist-Rosner, CEO and co-founder of Wellthy