Drone Security Company WhiteFox Receives $12 Million In Funding

By Noah Long ● September 26, 2019
  • WhiteFox, a leader in drone security, announced it raised $12 million in funding. Including this round, WhiteFox has raised a total of $26 million.

WhiteFox — a leader in drone security that is pioneering the safe integration of drones into society and offering worldwide airspace management solutions — announced it has raised $26 million in funding.

“We’re proud to have developed industry-leading technology in drone defense and airspace management and are committed to growing our global presence and continuing to build a diverse customer base. In addition to enhancing existing product lines, we will expand mitigation capabilities, further architecting an ecosystem for safe and beneficial drone operation and protecting against irresponsible or malicious misuse that might threaten the bright future of UAVs,” said WhiteFox founder and CEO Luke Fox.

This round of funding makes WhiteFox well-positioned for expansion in support of its rapidly growing product portfolio. Currently, WhiteFox has a customer list both in the U.S. and abroad that include prisons, power generation, and defense.

“Growing demand for our products is leading us to increase our manufacturing capabilities and continue to build out our executive management team.” WhiteFox is expected to name key leadership roles in the coming weeks, including product development, among others,” added WhiteFox President Mark Kula.

Drones often fly over stadiums, airports, and prisons. And the majority of their potential threat are due to civilian drone pilots crashing them into power lines and public events. As drone technology evolves around us, the security systems on the groud have to advance with it.

“We love WhiteFox’s leading drone defense solutions that ensure our skies are secured and our lives and assets on the ground are kept safe,” acknowledged Terry Moore of Moore Venture Partners.

To maximize what drones offer, society requires secure airspace. And WhiteFox designs and builds cryptographically intelligent solutions that stop illicit drones and allow legal drones to remain airborne.

“We’ve backed WhiteFox because not only is DroneFox a leading product in drone defense, but they’re also crafting a comprehensive drone defense management system. WhiteFox’s WISDM platform offers a real, near-term path to the commercialization of drones,” explained Serra Ventures managing partner Stephen Beck.

WhiteFox’s products include DroneFox, Scorpion, and WISDM. DroneFox creates an invisible dome of defense using the power of automatic detection, always updated threat identification, and one-click mitigation. Scorpion is a drone-detection and mitigation solution that works well for mobile units as it is the size of a deck of cards. And WISDM comes in two forms including a physical product that attaches to the drone or a protocol that is part of the drone software.

“We are thrilled to add to our investment in WhiteFox. No one is better positioned to create enormous value in the drone space. WhiteFox is establishing the technological infrastructure needed to unleash the life-changing potential of drones,” commented Okapi Venture Capital partner Jeff Bocan.

WhiteFox had originally started out as a drone manufacturer. And when it became apparent that there was no mechanism for protecting against their misuse, the company set out to invent a counter-drone solution.

“We’re attracted to category leaders in enterprise technology and WhiteFox is poised to be exactly that for the drone security management space,” noted Collin Gutman of SaaS Venture Capital.

Earlier this year, WhiteFox’s DroneFox Mobile won first place for UAS MITIGATION & SECURITY at the AUVSI XPONENTIAL conference. And WISDM won first place for XCELLENCE IN INNOVATION at the same conference.

“JAM Capital, LLC continues to be grateful for the strong leadership and talented team at WhiteFox. The company continues to push limits with their technology to make our skies safer. We are proud to be a part of the most innovative leader in airspace security,” pointed out John Schmidt of JAM Capital, LLC.