Why Accenture (ACN) Is Buying Advoco

By Amit Chowdhry ● Oct 6, 2021
  • Accenture (NYSE: ACN) announced it has acquired Advoco. This is why.

Accenture (NYSE: ACN) announced it has acquired Advoco, which is one of the largest systems integrators for Infor EAM – a leading software-as-a-service suite for enterprise asset management (EAM). This acquisition expands Accenture’s capabilities to help clients in the consumer goods & services, industrial, life sciences, transit, and other industries make their operations and supply chains safer, more sustainable, productive and cost-efficient. The terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

Advoco’s mission is to form trusted advisor partnerships with clients across various industries. And it specializes in configuring and integrating Infor EAM software with companies’ existing enterprise and operational systems, and EAM training programs. The solutions and services Advoco provides are designed for helping clients enhance their reliability and extend the overall lifecycle of their critical assets.

Launched in 2002, Advoco has been repeatedly named Infor EAM Partner of the Year. And most of its over 100 asset management professionals are based in Greenville, SC – close to the Infor EAM product development team. Accenture is planning to establish Advoco’s Greenville office as a center of excellence for Infor EAM delivery, industry use cases, and intelligent asset management.

The entire Advoco team joins Accenture’s Industry X group in the U.S., strengthening its suite of services for digitizing clients’ engineering and maintenance functions, factory floors, and plant operations.

Advoco is the latest in a series of 24 acquisitions Accenture made since 2017 to build its Industry X capabilities. And recently completed acquisitions include international engineering consulting and services firm umlaut, operations technology provider Electro 80 (Australia), industrial robotics and automation services provider Pollux (Brazil), operations consultancy Myrtle (US) and technology consultancy SALT Solutions (Germany).


“Many of our clients are looking to leverage Infor EAM when embedding more intelligence in their asset management to drive the performance of their most critical assets. Advoco is highly respected for its talent, expertise and training program in this space. Together, we will bring Infor EAM capabilities to clients at scale to take advantage of a growing market opportunity.”

— Nigel Stacey, global lead for Accenture Industry X

“Becoming part of the Accenture Industry X family is an incredible opportunity for our clients and our employees. Accenture’s capabilities and expertise enable us to bring more cutting-edge, innovative work to our clients and grow as a team and as individuals. We’re excited to deliver outstanding expertise in the design, consultation and implementation of Infor EAM to even more companies and markets.”

— Marty Osborn, partner at Advoco