Why Airship Is Acquiring Apptimize

By Noah Long ● September 3, 2019
  • Customer engagement company Airship announced it acquired Apptimize, an adopted solution for testing and innovating user experiences

Airship, a customer engagement company, announced it has acquired Apptimize — which is an adopted solution for testing and innovating user experiences across mobile apps and other digital channels. This move will provide marketers and developers with a single solution to optimize the entire user experience across messaging channels and digital properties.

Airship is known for enabling businesses to send relevant messages at the time and place that customers will be most responsive whether on SMS, push notification, email, mobile wallet or many other channels. And Apptimize is the industry’s most advanced solution for testing user experiences across multiple channels including mobile apps, websites, and OTT. Now marketers and product owners are able to confidently iterate digital features, content, recommendation algorithms, and user messages to create consistent and compelling cross-channel user experiences that grow customer engagement, loyalty, and revenue.

“Today’s most impactful companies are constantly reinventing customer experience, and a culture of experimentation is a critical part of driving that innovation,” said Airship CEO and president Brett Caine. “By combining Apptimize mobile app and web testing with Airship’s deep insight into customer engagement across channels, marketers and developers can focus innovation on the most critical areas while creating the seamless end-to-end experiences customers really want.”

Even minor changes in digital features or messaging can have a major impact on user engagement, retention, and lifetime value. And together Airship and Apptimize will unify digital engagement and experimentation thus offering businesses a holistic approach to deeply understand and improve customer experiences. Airship is going to continue to sell, enhance, and support the Apptimize platform as well as enrich the Airship Customer Engagement Platform with new testing capabilities.

There are more than 100 mobile-first and enterprise brands use Apptimize’s unified cross-platform A/B and multivariate testing solution to optimize and manage feature releases across digital touchpoints and to understand the interplay and impact of experiments across channels. And Apptimize automatically integrates with most analytics platforms and offers code-free instrumentation of events for highly targeted experiments.

And its Visual Editor enables marketers and product owners to make changes to iOS and Android apps without coding or updating apps while its programmatic testing offers one-time configuration with dynamic variables that can be changed instantly to add variants. Feature management tools, including feature flags and instant updates, mitigate risk with controlled rollouts for new features and the ability to turn on or off specific features.

Airship and Apptimize share expertise in many of the same high-growth industry verticals including retail, media, travel, hospitality, and financial services. And both companies were built to deliver the best experience to each individual consumer whether anonymous or known, leveraging any available data.

This not only ensures a consistent experience across platforms, regardless of the number of channels a customer uses. And it also enables tracking actual revenue earned anywhere from any message or experiment.

Fenwick & West had represented Airship in the transaction. Fenwick’s team on this transaction included partners Michael Brown, Bomi Lee, Gerald Audant, and Ralph Pais and associates Maureen Montgomery, Ivan Au, Christian Olano, Corinne Nhaissi, and Anna Mathai.