Why Aktana Is Buying Tact.ai’s Field Engagement And Conversational AI Technology

By Amit Chowdhry ● Nov 4, 2023

Aktana – the leader in intelligent customer engagement for the global life sciences industry – recently announced the acquisition of Tact.ai’s field engagement and conversational AI technology. This addition extends Aktana’s leadership in field intelligence by delivering several new capabilities frequently requested by commercial and medical leaders overseeing omnichannel programs:

— Real-time delivery of suggestions and insights on the mobile phone

— Pervasive and on-demand recommendations throughout the user experience, including a conversational AI assistant

— Richer engagement data to improve AI recommendations

Built with Tact.ai technology, Aktana today announced Aktana Copilot – which is an AI assistant on the mobile phone for life sciences field users. Specifically designed for the needs of field sales representatives and medical science liaisons, Aktana Copilot puts market and HCP intelligence in the hands of those users at the moment they need it.

The field teams will receive programmable and intelligence-driven nudges in real-time on mobile devices to simplify call planning with curated insights to drive more personalized and coordinated activity. Plus , recommendations will be presented through conversational AI throughout the user experience saving valuable time that can be repurposed for HCP relationship-building.

With Aktana Copilot, customers can capture richer and more tailored engagement data which enables Aktana AI to produce more contextual and effective recommendations for users to have better conversations. And the dynamic feedback loop improves time-to-value because as the speed in which recommendations improve accelerates, so too does campaign performance.

Aktana Copilot is now available today and will be enhanced for specific use cases across commercial pharma, medical affairs and medical devices throughout 2024. And Aktana will also offer Microsoft Teams users a version of Tact Presenter which is the only Microsoft Teams certified remote detailer for Veeva content.


“Today’s sales rep or MSL is being asked to do more in less time and with fewer resources than ever before, and they need immediate access to the best intelligence on their most preferred device, the mobile phone. Adding aspects of Tact.ai’s mobile technology and easy-to-use interface to the Aktana portfolio will accelerate our customers’ efforts to create the next-generation field force, one that’s powered by intelligence and adept at using any channel to support their HCPs.”

— John Vitalie, CEO, Aktana

“Tact.ai set out to build human-friendly technology that connects life science companies and their customers, to help patients who can’t wait. Critical to that mission is a system of intelligence that fuels every interaction. As the pioneer of this category and with Tact.ai’s technology, Aktana is now even better positioned to lead this journey toward the future of customer engagement.”

— Chuck Ganapathi, CEO, Tact.ai

“Today’s announcements deepen our commitment to transforming customer engagement programs for life sciences organizations of all sizes. The Strategy Suite that we unveiled at the Aktana Innovation Exchange last month will be enhanced with Aktana Copilot, providing a real-time connection between commercial leaders and the field. This can be used to get feedback from the field on tactics impacting their HCPs, and to nudge the field on tactics proven to have the highest impact.”

— Derek Choy, founder and Chief Product Officer, Aktana

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