Why EDB Is Buying Splitgraph

By Amit Chowdhry • Oct 27, 2023

EnterpriseDB (EDB) – a leader in accelerating Postgres in the enterprise – recently announced its acquisition of Splitgraph. This early-stage disruptor offers a Postgres-compatible serverless SQL API for building data-driven applications from hundreds of data sources. This move is considered a meaningful step in EDB’s evolution and highlights its commitment to delivering Postgres solutions to customers’ evolving challenges across a diverse data landscape.

Through the acquisition of Splitgraph, EDB underscores its dedication to innovating within the Postgres ecosystem, directly addressing the needs of users who want to run analytical queries across diverse data sets seamlessly. And Splitgraph enhances this core capability by enriching data integration, cataloging, and governance, streamlining in-house data management and information sourced from open publishers through a single Postgres interface. This move firmly establishes EDB’s commitment to continually elevate the value it delivers to its customers throughout the data landscape.


“Acquiring Splitgraph advances our capabilities within the realm of analytics and AI. With Splitgraph’s technology and deep expertise, we’re taking a leap in making data lake and data warehousing operations more efficient, streamlined, and collaborative. Unifying our shared commitment to customer-driven product development, we can accelerate our progress and better address the intricate data challenges that our customers encounter.”

— Kevin Dallas, CEO, EDB

“We are pleased to share EDB’s vision to transform the way organizations engage with data using Postgres, especially for analytics workloads and AI-driven use cases. Becoming a part of EDB unlocks exciting new possibilities for our technology, further advancing the ways in which companies look to Postgres to solve their data ecosystem challenges.”

— Miles Richardson, Co-Founder of Splitgraph