Why Flatfile Is Acquiring Chatcsv

By Annie Baker ● Oct 24, 2023

Flatfile – a pioneer of AI-assisted data exchange – recently announced the acquisition of AI start-up Chatcsv Inc. With breakout growth in just a few months since being released, ChatCSV already has thousands of users. From global enterprises such as Procter & Gamble and McKinsey to technology companies such as Zapier, Quora, and Vimeo, companies depend on ChatCSV for quick, contextual insight into CSV files and spreadsheets. And the AI-powered app acts as a personal data analyst. It allows users to “chat” with their CSV files, asking pointed questions for extracting textual and visual insights from data, eliminating the tedious and error-prone process of navigating complex datasets manually.

The deal closely follows the recent release of the Flatfile Data Exchange Platform, which is an industry-first, extensible, API-driven platform for file-based data import. And with the addition of ChatCSV’s capabilities, Flatfile enriches its existing features and significantly strengthens its leadership in AI-assisted data exchange.

Data is now everywhere and often resides in files managed by individuals, vendors, customers, agents, remote offices, or partners. And these files are highly variable in data quality, formats, and structure. It is important for every business that this data is available at the right time and is accurate, up-to-date, and secure. And as companies race to build more intelligent and automated systems, machine learning and artificial intelligence are dramatically increasing the stakes of data accuracy and rapid availability.

Flatfile’s API-driven platform coupled with ChatCSV’s intuitive technology ensures that developers can provide an unparalleled data import experience for their users. And ChatCSV aligns seamlessly with Flatfile’s mission to simplify and accelerate the process of importing diverse data files from various sources.

The integration of ChatCSV in the Flatfile Data Exchange Platform is already underway with new features like natural language search. And additional capabilities will be rolled out in the coming weeks. ChatCSV is also going to continue to exist as a stand-alone tool at chatcsv.co. After joining the Flatfile family, all commercial ChatCSV plans are now free for all users.


“With the acquisition, Flatfile is doubling down on its AI capabilities to provide a unified, intuitive data import experience that does all the heavy lifting for the end user. I was incredibly impressed with founder Sam Barrowclough, and am excited to have him join Flatfile to help us shape the future of AI-enabled data exchange, setting a new industry standard for what’s possible.”

— David Boskovic, founder and CEO of Flatfile

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