Why Justworks Is Buying Boomr

By Dan Anderson ● October 8, 2020
  • Justworks has announced the acquisition of Boomr. These are the details about the deal.

Justworks has announced the acquisition of Boomr — which is a leading cloud-based Time and Attendance solution that simplifies and automates the process of tracking employees’ work hours. The two companies have a track record of working together since 2018. And with this acquisition, Justworks will expand its all-in-one offering to serve more diverse types of small businesses, as well as deepen its portfolio of timecard and payroll features for a growing segment of its customers’ 95,000+ employees.

Boomr was launched in 2011 to help companies using a range of payroll and accounting tools replace the disorganized record-keeping and inconsistent processes associated with paper time cards. And with an exclusive focus on time tracking software, Boomr has built one of the market’s leading cloud-based products for Time and Attendance as well as a frictionless mobile-first solution for employees to track time, whether they’re in the field, on-site, or working from home. And its modern technology stack allows for seamless employee onboarding, GPS/geofenced timecard data, multi-state time-tracking, shift auditing tools, etc.

Boomr primarily serves companies with distributed hourly, salaried, and freelance workers across the US, including existing Justworks customers. And according to Justworks’ data, a significant number of small businesses have the need for an external Time and Attendance product for their workforce.

By buying Boomr, Justworks has the opportunity to continue the development of a market-leading solution while further integrating its functionality in a way that responds to this segment’s strong preference for an all-in-one platform with a simple bundled price.

As part of the acquisition, new and existing Justworks customers will gain access to Boomr’s Time and Attendance solution for free until December 31, 2021. And Boomr’s existing U.S. customers are able to continue to use Boomr’s fully-supported product for Time and Attendance with their existing pricing and integrations with other external platforms.

Justworks and Boomr did not disclose the financial terms of the transaction.


“At Justworks, we are focused on being the best all-in-one solution for entrepreneurs and small businesses. Our approach has always been driven by listening to their evolving needs and building software from the ground-up to create an experience that small businesses love. For the first time, with Boomr, we have found a perfect product to integrate more closely into Justworks and a team that believes deeply in our mission. This acquisition will supercharge our ability to innovate in an increasingly important area of product development for our existing customers, while also enabling us to serve more diverse types of businesses with a true all-in-one solution moving forward.”

— Isaac Oates, Founder and CEO of Justworks

“We built Boomr to be intuitive and easy, but under the hood, there is a tremendous amount of technology to keep the modern, distributed workforce in sync and help our customers stay compliant. The Boomr team is thrilled to be joining Justworks. We share in their vision to make starting, running, or joining a business more accessible for all, and we look forward to bringing our expertise in Time and Attendance software to elevate Justworks’ all-in-one offering for small businesses and entrepreneurs.”

— Matt Bowersox, Founder and CEO of Boomr