Here’s Why Microsoft Is Acquiring Software Performance Analytics Company jClarity

By Amit Chowdhry ● August 22, 2019
  • Microsoft recently announced it acquired jClarity — which is a service designed for tuning Java application performance and will now be used for Azure

Microsoft recently announced that it acquired jClarity — which is a service designed for tuning Java application performance that will now be used for Azure. jClarity’s vision is that Java and OpenJDK are crucial to public infrastructure so the company has dedicated time and efforts to ensure that the industry has free OpenJDK binaries at AdoptOpenJDK, an alternative to Oracle Java. The terms of this deal were undisclosed.

“In the last few years, Microsoft’s usage of Java has grown and now includes multiple large-scale deployments, such as Azure HDInsight and Minecraft. Additionally, Microsoft customers like Adobe, Daimler and Société Générale have brought their Java production workloads to Azure. With more than half of compute workloads running on Linux, Azure has become a great platform for open source, and that certainly includes Java,” wrote Microsoft Corporate VP of Program Management for Developer Tools and Services John Montgomery in a blog post. “The jClarity team are JVM experts who have helped their customers optimize their Java applications while also providing leadership and support within the Java open source community. For us, this is the perfect match. The relationship with this team is not new: since June 2018, Microsoft has sponsored the AdoptOpenJDK project to help build binaries of OpenJDK for different platforms, including Linux and Windows.”

Microsoft is going to continue supporting jClarity and contribute to AdoptOpenJDK. Plus it is going to help developers design Java applications.

jClarity was founded by CEO Martijn Verburg, CTO Kirk Pepperdine, and Tech Fellow Ben Evans. Verburg was named Principal Engineering Group Manager (Java) at Microsoft following the acquisition. Pepperdine was named a Principal Engineer. Evans had left jClarity in February 2019 and is currently a Principal Engineer & JVM Technologies Architect at New Relic.