Why Qualitest Is Buying AlgoTrace

By Noah Long ● December 14, 2019
  • Qualitest, one of the largest software testing and quality assurance companies, announced it acquired AlgoTrace. These are the details.

Qualitest — one of the largest software testing and quality assurance companies — announced it has acquired AI and machine learning company AlgoTrace for an undisclosed amount. This acquisition is considered the first step of Qualitest’s growth strategy following an investment from Bridgepoint earlier this year.

This acquisition will enable Qualitest to radically expand the number of AI-powered testing solutions available to clients as well as develop its capabilities in assisting companies test and launch new AI-powered solutions with confidence and at a higher speed. In the future, companies that do not use AI to enhance quality assurance will be at a disadvantage.

AlgoTrace’s machine learning technology help brands answer critical questions upon launching new software:  what, where, when, and how to test and in what order to ensure higher quality. 

And as multiple clients are using Qualitest’s suite of AI-testing tools, this expansion of capabilities creates opportunities not only for new Qualitest clients — but also allows for the growth of existing relationships with current customers around the world.

“We are thrilled to be joining with Qualitest. Following successful implementations with the company in the past, we have complete faith that we will help Qualitest change the testing paradigm forever – enhancing their quality engineering with machine learning.  While there is a lot of hype surrounding AI, we’re deploying real, hard-nosed and practical tools that significantly change the rules,” said AlgoTrace CEO Ron Ritter.

Qualitest started working with the AlgoTrace team more than a year ago with AlgoTrace’s AI platform powering Qualitest’s market-leading test predictor tool — which applies pioneering autonomous AI capabilities and predictive modeling to unstructured data without the need for code or complex interfaces.  And following multiple successful joint projects, the teams saw that together, they would be able to apply AlgoTrace’s powerful prediction engine in a variety of ways across the software development lifecycle to improve quality and speed to market.

“Applying AI to quality engineering is a perfect fit.  Just as software becomes increasingly complex, the companies producing it are under competitive pressure to increase the speed and frequency of their rollouts. AI is the only way companies can scale software testing and quality engineering and the AlgoTrace team have shown that they understand this. In our view, companies that do not use AI to improve quality will be at a significant disadvantage,” added Qualitest CEO Norm Merritt.

And Qualitest’s AI-testing solutions have two main features focused on increasing confidence and assurance. First — to assist and enhance quality assurance efforts — giving brands, in a more rapid fashion, high levels of confidence that software releases will go smoothly. And second — helping companies who are using AI in their own offerings to have a higher level of confidence that their AI algorithms are generating correct, unbiased results.

“Ron and his team are just the kind of innovators we love: smart, customer-obsessed and attacking a big market problem with cutting edge technology. This acquisition will not only help us accelerate AI adoption within quality engineering by providing a holistic solution to our clients, it provides an avenue for our teams to access AlgoTrace’s unique expertise to build new models, tools and solutions to improve how technology is developed, tested and deployed,” explained Qualitest Chief Knowledge and Innovation Officer Aviram Shotten.