Why SoFi Is Buying Fintech Mortgage Lender Wyndham Capital

By Noah Long • Apr 6, 2023

SoFi Technologies – a member-centric, one-stop shop for digital financial services that helps members borrow, save, spend, invest, and protect their money – recently announced it is buying Wyndham Capital Mortgage, a leading fintech mortgage lender in an all-cash transaction.

Even though the transaction is not expected to be material to the company’s 2023 financial outlook, it is expected to be accretive within 6 months. And the acquisition – which includes the integration of both talent and technology from Wyndham Capital – will enable SoFi to broaden its suite of mortgage products available to members, enhance unit economics, and take ownership of an intelligent and scalable platform that set the industry standard for a fully digital mortgage experience. This company’s full-stack approach is also intended to minimize SoFi’s reliance on third-party partners and processes.

Wyndham Capital has helped over 100,000 borrowers with a 98% satisfaction rating since it launched more than 2 decades ago. And SoFi’s acquisition of Wyndham Capital enables savings for current and prospective homeowners in both time and money through transparent rates and a seamless application process.

Plus Wyndham Capital’s innovation-first approach has enabled it to deliver a fully digital and award-winning experience for borrowers while also freeing up employees’ time to focus on borrower communication, transparency, and trust. And looking ahead, SoFi will be working to integrate Wyndham Capital’s talented team and robust technology platform into the company’s Lending business, adding strength and efficiency to the home loans segment of the company’s Financial Services Productivity Loop (FSPL) strategy.


“At SoFi, we’re on a mission to help people get their money right and purchasing a home is often one of, if not the, biggest financial decision individuals make in their lives. Several macro- and socioeconomic factors – high inflation and rising mortgage rates, the new world of work, and others – have ushered in a new era across the U.S. real estate market. These changing conditions mean it’s more important than ever that borrowers have a trusted partner they can look to as they go through the process of obtaining a mortgage for a home. Today’s acquisition of Wyndham Capital will not only allow us to scale and keep pace with accelerated growth, but also allow us to foster that growth in a way that brings value to our members through sales and operational efficiencies and helps members get their money right when it comes to one of life’s most significant financial milestones.”

— Anthony Noto, CEO of SoFi Technologies