Why Terminus Is Buying Sigstr

By Noah Long ● Dec 19, 2019
  • Customer rated account-based marketing platform company Terminus announced it is buying Sigstr. These are the details about the deal.

Customer rated account-based marketing platform company Terminus has announced it is buying Sigstr — which is an email signature marketing platform company that turns the billions of 1:1 employee emails sent every year into powerful brand engagements. And the addition of Sigstr creates an end-to-end account-centric marketing platform with the complete account intelligence (based on intent, engagement, and relationship data) available.

“Combining the Sigstr solution with our platform is another strategic step in helping our customers drive account-based transformation and put ABM to work across their entire revenue funnel,” said Terminus CEO Tim Kopp. “We’re thrilled to welcome Sigstr’s talented team and its customers into the Terminus family. Together, we’re positioned to revolutionize how businesses drive sustainable growth.”

The two companies operate out of Atlanta and Indianapolis. Going forward, Terminus plans to maintain and grow its presence in both markets as well as the Terminus San Francisco office. And all Sigstr employees will immediately become Terminus employees and Sigstr CEO Bryan Wade will join the executive team at Terminus.

“Connecting our solution and the data insights it provides to the Terminus account-based platform activates an untapped channel that changes how businesses engage with target accounts,” explained Wade. “We’re long-standing partners from both a technology and go-to-market perspective, making this combination a no-brainer and massive opportunity for our combined customers, and account-centric businesses everywhere looking to sharpen how they engage across the entire customer lifecycle.”

The combined solution will enable revenue teams to determine their best-fit segments, prioritize accounts, and identify the next-best-action for execution. And it unlocks new capabilities for businesses such as aligning account-centric messaging across the entire customer lifecycle, from digital advertising to employee email interactions, utilizing relationship intelligence to identify priority accounts and better understand how buying teams are interacting with your company, and integrating employee email marketing into account-based programs to unlock a new channel of engagement for target accounts.

“I couldn’t be more excited about bringing two powerhouse teams together to shape the future of B2B marketing,” commented Scott Dorsey, former ExactTarget co-founder and CEO, and Managing Director of High Alpha. “Category leaders are built around great teams and innovative products – this team has exactly what it takes.”