Why Uberflip Is Buying SnapApp

By Dan Anderson ● Dec 4, 2019
  • Leading cloud-based content experience platform Uberflip announced it is buying SnapApp. These are the details.

Uberflip — a leading cloud-based content experience platform (CEP) — announced the acquisition of SnapApp. SnapApp is a solution that enables marketers to deliver the leads that salespeople want.

With this acquisition, Uberflip has grown its headcount to 150 and also increased capabilities for demand marketers within CEPs by providing more insights on how to automate personalized content at-scale.

Going forward, the office in Boston will be a new home for Toronto-based Uberflip.

“Every go-to-market strategy that a marketer uses, regardless of channel (email, paid advertisements, social, direct mail or other) leads to a destination which is content based. The opportunity is for marketers to accelerate their buyer’s engagement through their journey by delivering a personalized content experience,” said Yoav Schwartz, CEO and co-founder of Uberflip. “Content makes the biggest impact on a buyer when it’s personal. Bringing SnapApp’s team and capabilities onboard will enable Uberflip to improve lead qualifications for demand marketers by providing additional insights to automate more personalized content experiences.”

Technology buyers are in control as they decide how and when to engage. And a Gartner study points out that 70% of the decision-making process is done before ever engaging thus leaving it to marketers to make sure that they are ready to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time.

Uberflip makes it easier for marketers to deliver personalized content experiences across the buyer’s journey to drive business growth and accelerate go-to-market strategies for customers. And Uberflip does this by empowering customer-facing teams to centralize and organize content along with creating personalized experiences and distributing those experiences to generate results at every stage of the journey.

“Uberflip re-defined content marketing’s potential by coining the term content experience and building out a platform that equips marketers with the right content at every touchpoint to drive demand,” added Seth Lieberman, CEO of SnapApp. “SnapApp joins the company to help continue its unprecedented growth and bring a broad array of new platform capabilities to Uberflip for demand marketers.”

Customers like Snowflake Computing leverage Uberflip to engage 100% of their target accounts. And Stantec tripled their customer engagement. Plus LeanData saw an 8x lift in their sales pipeline.

Uberflip is going to continue supporting all new and existing SnapApp customers.