Microsoft Windows 10 Is Now Installed On 700 Million Devices

By Noah Long ● September 26, 2018

At the “An Introduction to Microsoft Managed Desktop” session that took place during the Ignite 2018 conference in Florida yesterday, Microsoft confirmed that Windows 10 is now installed on more than 700 million active devices, according to Neowin

Nearly six months ago, Microsoft’s Windows and Devices head Terry Myerson announced that he was stepping down and he wrote that Windows 10 is installed on nearly 700 million active devices so this does not come as a surprise. But now it has been officially confirmed. On November 29, 2017, Microsoft said it hit the 600 million active device milestone so 100 million Windows 10 devices were activated in about ten months. And Windows 10 hit the 500 million users mark at the Build conference in May of last year.

Ever since Microsoft released Windows 10, executives at the company said that they were aiming to achieve over a billion Windows 10 devices around the world. The original goal was about three years, which was passed roughly a few months ago. Hitting 700 million out the extremely ambitious one billion goal is not bad.

One of the reasons why Microsoft set up this goal was to entice developers to build Universal Windows Platform applications for desktops, tablets, mobile devices, Xbox consoles, and mixed reality headsets.


Microsoft is preparing to release a major update to Windows 10 next month called the Windows 10 October 2018 Update. And the company also scheduled a press event for October 2nd when it will likely announce several new hardware products.

Net Marketshare is estimating that Windows 10 is currently installed on about 43% of Windows devices compared to 45% still using Windows 7.