Exclusive: AI Health Data Platform xCures Expands Beyond Cancer to Improve Care and Research

By Amit Chowdhry • Jan 30, 2024

xCures has expanded its AI-driven health data platform and is transforming the value of US healthcare data by utilizing real-time and regulatory-grade data in any therapeutic area. Originally built as a tool specifically focused on cancer, the company’s platform expansion now serves as a comprehensive resource for addressing all medical conditions using real-world data.

xCures’ technology is available through software licenses and direct connections to existing partner platforms. This change marks a strategic transition that will substantially benefit those making data-driven decisions. Plus, xCures provides access to deep longitudinal data through deidentified real-world datasets containing comprehensive insights across all providers.

Utilizing AI/ML technology, xCures’ platform extracts, aggregates, organizes, and structures clinical, genomic, and imaging data from diverse sources such as electronic medical records and healthcare providers.

This integrated approach transforms how medical professionals and researchers understand complex patients and cohort characteristics. Plus, xCures also offers a patient-centric and longitudinal perspective crucial for informed decision-making in treatment and research.

Through an ability to aggregate and interpret diverse medical records quickly and accurately, xCures’ platform is a game-changer for anyone working to access and interpret retrospective and prospective real-world data. And it facilitates a deep understanding of medical patterns and conditions and enhances the scope of clinical trials and research across various diseases.


“Expanding our AI platform beyond oncology marks a significant milestone in our mission to transform the value of healthcare data. We’re providing access to a software platform that generates precise real-world data at the individual and cohort levels across all diseases that will accelerate groundbreaking research across many fields and directly benefit patients. ”

  • Mika Newton, CEO of xCures