Yext Rolls Out Brand Verified Answers Platform

By Amit Chowdhry ● June 5, 2019
  • Yext has announced that it is rolling out a new Brand Verified Answers platform to help businesses answer the questions consumers ask about them

Yext, a company that integrates with hundreds of leading brands for keeping business information and data up to date, announced it has rolled out a new platform for Brand Verified Answers in search. The new enhancements in Yext allow businesses to answer the questions consumers ask about them whether it is in search, using voice assistants, chatbots, and their own websites.

Since brand reputations are increasingly at stake for what consumers find online, businesses have to be able to provide verified answers to their questions. And now any business can deliver an authoritative and brand-verified answer.

“There’s a massive paradigm shift going on in the world of search from chaotic results to brand verified answers. Today’s customer journey starts with a question, and consumers expect answers,” said Yext founder and CEO Howard Lerman. “Today’s expansion of Yext allows companies to build their complete knowledge graph, which is the foundation of meeting the consumer at the precise moment of intent.”

Yext essentially allows businesses to create and connect all the facts about themselves in an answers-ready knowledge graph. And Yext can power their own sites and services and sync with search, voice assistants, and chatbots. Plus new custom entities and fields make Yext adaptable to any business so brands can connect any type of fact to the information about it consumers want to know including store locations, open jobs there, menu items and its nutritional information, the educational background of a doctor, etc. So a consumer could ask queries such as “Who is a wealth advisor in New York who speaks Spanish?” to get an accurate and direct answer.

“The customer journey starts with a question. It’s up to every business to provide the brand verified answer,” added Yext Chief Strategy OfficerMarc Ferrentino. “Yext’s comprehensive fact platform contains hundreds of millions of connected facts about our clients’ businesses. Facts in Yext are structured for search so that businesses can meet their customers in the moment of intent. Today marks the first step toward a world of perfect answers everywhere.”

Yext’s founding principle is that the authority on a business should be the business itself. And these platform enhancements help businesses with providing verified answers to drive digital discovery, customer engagement, and reputation enhancement.

Some of Yext’s customers include Taco Bell, Marriott, and Jaguar Land Rover. There are thousands of businesses around the world that use the Yext platform for capturing consumer intent and driving digital discovery, engagement, and revenue.