Yotta Energy: $16.5 Million Series A Funding And $1.97 Million Government Award

By Noah Long ● May 4, 2022
  • Yotta Energy announced recently that it raised $16.5 million in Series A funding and the company received a $1.97 million government award. These are the details.

Yotta Energy – a leader in intelligent energy storage technology for the rooftop commercial and industrial (C&I) market – announced it has raised an additional $3.5 million, including a strategic investment from inverter OEM partner APsystems, bringing its total Series A investment to $16.5 million.

Plus the ESTCP awarded Yotta $1.97 million for a new solar + storage microgrid project at Nellis Air Force Base in Las Vegas, Nevada. With this funding round, Yotta will accelerate the scaling of its panel-level solar-plus-storage system, develop new technology, and increase its headcount.

Yotta had previously partnered with APsystems to develop the company’s Dual Power Inverter (DPI), the first power conversion system designed to be interchangeable between solar and energy storage. And Yotta and APsystems are also collaborating on the development of a 480-volt, 3-phase, microinverter to scale and compete with string inverters in C&I applications.

Yotta Energy offers modular solar-plus-storage microgrid solutions that give C&I building owners control over their energy and high energy rates. And Yotta’s PV-Coupled Architecture, which includes the SolarLEAF product and Dual-Power Inverter, provides customers with a distributed battery solution installed under individual solar panels that can store excess renewable energy on-site and act as a revenue generator by utilizing stored energy when electricity rates are high. The latest funding round will also enable Yotta Energy to incorporate customer feedback as it innovates the next generation of its hardware technology and begins work on the Nellis deployment.

Last year, Yotta Energy raised $13 million in capital from investors WIND Ventures, Doral Energy-Tech Ventures, Riverstone Ventures, EDP Ventures, and SWAN Impact Network to scale and accelerate the installation of Yotta’s PV-Coupled solar-plus-storage flat-roof energy backup solutions.


“We see tremendous growth potential in rooftop solar-plus-storage, but much more than that, Yotta has produced an innovative, module-level commercial energy storage solution that no one else is doing right now. During our time working with Yotta, we have seen firsthand the positive disruption they are making in the industry. No zoning, no concrete, and efficient energy storage direct to DC. It was an obvious choice to support Yotta in its Series A raise.”

— Olivier Jacques, APsystems president of global business units

“Yotta Energy is a great candidate for this [ESTCP] program because of the distributed and flexible solution the technology provides for different use-cases on military installations. We are excited to implement this technology at a Nellis Air Force base as we strive to future proof our military with resilient and sustainable solutions.”

— Timothy Tetreault, Project Manager at ESTCP

“As the rooftop solar-plus-storage market continues to grow rapidly, there is a severe shortage of technology that can help C&I buildings efficiently distribute and decentralize the energy generated by solar energy. With electric vehicle adoption also expanding, the need for businesses to produce their own electricity will only become more prudent. We are helping to fill this gap by providing products and services that can help businesses manage additional electrical loads while maintaining the building’s electricity needs. With this funding, we will be able to accelerate our mission and further develop our hardware and software technology and add to our headcount.”

— Omeed Badkoobeh, CEO and Co-founder of Yotta Energy