YouTube Dark Mode Starts Rolling Out For Android Users

By Dan Anderson ● July 30, 2018

YouTube added a dark mode to iOS earlier this year and the desktop versions last year. However, the Android version of the app did not have access to the dark mode feature until now.

In the Android subgroup on Reddit, user Absinth92 wrote about gaining access to the dark mode feature. Google has not officially announced the feature as of yet though.

YouTube Dark Theme

You can check to see if you have access to the dark mode feature by going to Settings > General in the YouTube app. Given that a number of users already have access to the dark mode feature, it should be safe to assume that all YouTube for Android users should have access to it soon.

When you activate the dark mode feature, the background, settings, and search pages on the app all go dark. But the app bars will continue to retain its normal colors.

The dark mode feature is also beneficial as it provides a better viewing experience in low-light conditions. There have been studies that a darker mode prevents eye strain especially while looking at screens at night. Often times, dark mode is also compared to a cinematic experience especially while watching it on a large screen.

Update: Google told TechCrunch that YouTube for Android is currently in the early phases of a gradual rollout. And more updates about the launch should be announced in the “coming weeks.”