Whirlpool’s Yummly Unveils A New Smart Thermometer

By Noah Long ● January 10, 2020
  • Whirlpool’s Yummly recently unveiled a new Smart Thermometer, which will be available in early 2020

Yummly, the digital recipe and cooking platform run by Whirlpool, announced it is launching a new kitchen device early this year called the Yummly Smart Thermometer. The Yummly Smart Thermometer will be available in early 2020. The Yummly Smart Thermometer will use dual temperature sensors to simultaneously monitor food and oven temperatures, allowing users to track their cooking remotely with their smartphone, and get alerts in real-time when the food is ready.

This announcement is the latest in Yummly’s portfolio, including a personalized recipe feed that also syncs with Yummly Pro, which is a premium paid subscription service with step-by-step cooking videos led by professional chefs based on personal preferences. Yummly also revealed that its app integration with select Whirlpool appliances allows users to send a preheat command to a connected oven. Plus it also includes personalized recipe ideas and Yummly Ingredient Recognition to detect select ingredients based on image data captured by your device. And Yummly Shopping List ingredients will be delivered to your doorstep through Instacart.

“The value of this smart thermometer is that you can stick it in a raw chicken, forget about it, and have confidence that you’ll be enjoying a delicious meal that’s cooked at the ideal temperature,” said Yummly Pro featured chef and content collaborator Joel Gamoran. “You don’t need to be a chef to multitask in the kitchen — the Yummly Smart Thermometer watches and adjusts your cooking so you can manage other dishes and activities.”

Users can multitask as the Smart Thermometer tracks internal temperature while cooking raw, dense meats like poultry or roasts, and alerts them once their meal is cooked just right. Plus additional connected features will be available in late 2020, making the Yummly Smart Thermometer the first wireless smart thermometer to communicate with connected Whirlpool ovens. And this smart capability means the oven will know what step users are on in the recipe, and will automatically adjust the temperature up, down, to roast, to broil — whatever is needed to achieve the best results.

Yummly currently maintains a massive library of more than 2 million recipes to provide users with customized recommendations that fit their lifestyle, taste preferences, and dietary needs. And home cooks of all abilities can gain confidence in the kitchen using the newly-expanded Yummly Pro service. And this premium paid subscription service features step-by-step video lessons specially formatted for hands-on cooking at home with themed collections from best-in-class chefs like Carla Hall, Richard Blais, Andrew Zimmern, and Joel Gamoran.

And users can cook along in real-time for a unique cooking experience that teaches lifelong skills while getting a delicious dinner on the table. With Yummly Pro, the integration of select recipes with Whirlpool connected ovens, and the Yummly Smart Thermometer to guide their cooking, foodies, and families are able to learn from the best, one recipe at a time with temperature precision at every step.

You can control your oven from anywhere and anytime. And with Whirlpool’s connected appliances, users are able to start cooking before they even walk into the kitchen. Plus they can get a head start by selecting “start cooking” within connected Yummly recipes, including select Yummly Pro recipes, to send a command to a connected oven to begin preheating at the precise temperature needed.

“Not everyone has the time and patience to cook. Between after-school and after-work activities, errands and homework, the last thing people want to do when they get home from a long day is spend time constantly checking if their dinner is ready,” said Andrew Grose, Head of Business Development & Operations at Yummly. “We understand the precision that goes into cooking the perfect roasted chicken, so it was important to us in developing the Yummly Smart Thermometer to focus first on monitoring and alerting, and second on wireless communication to auto-adjust oven cooking methods and temperatures at the perfect time.”

Yummy Pro is priced at $4.99 per month. And the Yummly Smart Thermometer will be priced with a planned MSRP of $129.