Zafran: Risk And Mitigation Leader Raises Over $30 Million

By Amit Chowdhry • Mar 29, 2024

Risk and mitigation leader company Zafran announced that it raised over $30 million in funding. Sequoia Capital and Cyberstarts led the funding, with Cerca Partners and Penny Jar participating.

Launched in 2022 by Sanaz Yashar (CEO), Ben Seri (CTO), and Snir Havdala (CPO), the company emerged as the world’s first risk and mitigation platform. It pinpoints the organization’s exploitable threats and mitigates their risk by mobilizing existing security controls.

As attackers become faster and cyber threats rapidly grow, security teams are stuck in a race they cannot win. And without an effective mitigation strategy, companies continue to be exposed during this exploitation window—the time between a discovered vulnerability and remediation occurring.

Zafran transforms risk mitigation and empowers security teams to defuse threat exploitation by connecting to vulnerability data and the organization’s security controls. And it analyzes risks while considering efficacy and exploitability factors of the controls.

Zafran’s industry-first Mitigation Knowledge base, designed to work seamlessly with EDR, firewalls, cloud tools, etc., enables organizations to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of their risk. And Zafran Applicable Risk reflects whether vulnerabilities are exploitable or already mitigated by compensating controls and then proactively automates mitigations to eliminate the exploitation window.


“In an industry characterized by the perpetual race between attackers and defenders, the exploitation window has been consistently overlooked – and despite the inflation of security tools, organizations’ risk assessments often fail to consider existing compensative security controls. Zafran transforms risk mitigation by mobilizing security controls against evolving threats, bridging organizations’ security gaps and blind spots and mitigating risks at scale.”

– Sanaz Yashar, Co-Founder and CEO of Zafran

“Zafran addresses a critical pain in the security market where traditional risk assessment falls short by neglecting existing security controls and mitigation factors. We are excited to support the company as it enters the next phase of accelerated growth, with a visionary platform that proactively reduces risk exposure at scale and has the potential to redefine industry standards.”

– Doug Leone, Partner at Sequoia Capital

“Rarely do we back a team with the talent and aspirations to create a whole new science in cybersecurity, fusing deep cyber expertise with customer obsession. Sanaz, Snir, and Ben possess the capabilities and vision needed to construct the world’s first risk and mitigation platform, allowing organizations to mitigate vulnerability exploitation in production without relying on legacy ‘patching’ and by optimizing existing security controls. We are thrilled to partner with the team from day one on this long-term and exciting journey.”

– Lior Simon, General Partner at Cyberstarts