How Life Science Product Marketplace ZAGENO Is Streamlining Lab Equipment Ordering For Procurement Departments

By Amit Chowdhry ● May 7, 2019

Photo Credit: ZAGENO

Boston-based ZAGENO is a rapidly growing enterprise marketplace for lab supplies. Through the ZAGENO platform, procurement departments can streamline their orders as it has curated more than 8 million research materials and products from premium manufacturing brands available. This means the online platform is able to serve the $130 billion lab supply market.

Further validating ZAGENO’s growth is the company’s recent $20 million Series B round led by General Catalyst. Grazia Equity and Capnamic Ventures also provided follow-on investments. Founded by CEO Florian Wegener, CPO David Pumberger, and Advisor to the Board Kilian Veer, ZAGENO will substantially grow its team in the U.S., Germany, and the United Kingdom with this funding round.

“Our mission is to accelerate innovation to make it easier for researchers to develop medicines, therapies and scientific advancements. We’re thrilled to announce this latest round of funding, which will enable us to fulfill this goal,” said Wegener. “Expanding our Cambridge and Berlin-based teams is one of our top priorities. We look forward to working closely with the many incredible labs, researchers and purchasers of biotech and pharmaceutical companies in the Greater Boston area, as well as Germany, the United Kingdom and beyond.”

The ZAGENO team is comprised of former researchers and they know first hand how difficult and time-consuming it is to procure the right equipment required for lab experiments. With this insider perspective, ZAGENO goes beyond transactions by compiling product specifications in one place. And it makes it easy to compare and contrast items by category, brand, and price. In terms of streamlining orders, researchers have been able to save as much as 1.5 hours per order — which frees them to focus on their research rather than their inventories.

“ZAGENO is well positioned to revolutionize the $130 billion biotech market with its much needed one-stop shop for biotech and pharmaceutical purchasers. We are proud to support the team as they evolve and simplify the procurement process so that life science researchers can spend more time doing what they do best: innovation and discovery,” added General Catalyst partner and ZAGENO board member Spencer Lazar.

ZAGENO’s platform also offers much-needed transparency to biotech purchasing as it provides a proprietary Scientific Score — which is a product rating system that offers users unbiased and peer-reviewed ratings to support accurate purchasing decisions. And for suppliers, ZAGENO’s platform enables streamlined access to scientists and researchers across academia, pharmaceuticals, and biotech — which makes it easier for them to reach the customers that they need most.

“We’re proud to continue our support of ZAGENO and its mission. We’re impressed by the talent ZAGENO has already brought on board, and the company’s rapid expansion proves there’s a real need for their solution in the scientific community. We’re excited to see what the company’s next chapters hold,” explained Grazia Equity founder and managing director Alec Rauschenbusch.