Zoom Video Communications (ZM) And ServiceNow (NOW) Sign Major Partnership

By Amit Chowdhry ● July 8, 2020
  • Zoom Video Communications, Inc. (NASDAQ: ZM) and ServiceNow Inc (NYSE: NOW) have announced a major partnership in the form of a commitment to each other’s technology solutions

Zoom Video Communications, Inc. (NASDAQ: ZM) and ServiceNow Inc (NYSE: NOW) have announced a major partnership in the form of a commitment to each other’s technology solutions for making work-anywhere experiences work even better. Due to the ongoing pandemic and shelter in place orders, the usage of Zoom surged to 300 million daily meeting participants as of April 2020. And Zoom deployed ServiceNow’s Customer Service Management (CSM) for scaling its customer service operations and enable critical communications capabilities for its global community.

ServiceNow’s CSM also provides proactive case management and personalized self-service options for helping manage the jump in customer requests. And in addition, Zoom will deploy the Now Platform — including new AIOps capabilities — to enable its new Hardware as a Service (HaaS) business model. Plus Zoom will also expand its implementation of ServiceNow’s CSM to provide HaaS customer support.

ServiceNow has been a Zoom customer since 2018 — using Zoom Enterprise for its 11,000+ global employees — to host video meetings across desktop, mobile, and conference rooms. And since the global pandemic, ServiceNow employees working from home have relied heavily on Zoom for staying productive. And ServiceNow plans to displace its legacy hardware phone system with Zoom Phone, providing a unified communications experience for its employees.

Zoom had selected ServiceNow’s CSM Workflow product for helping unite its front-, middle- and back-office teams to solve issues, fix problems before customers noticed them, and simplifying engagement to quickly take care of customer requests. And as a ServiceNow Now Platform customer, Zoom has deployed its IT and Employee Workflows and is in the process of deploying additional ServiceNow Workflow products, including ITOM Health, Field Service Management, and ITBM.

Zoom is also utilizing out- of-the-box capabilities — including ServiceNow’s Virtual Agent — to help facilitate conversations with customers, the ServiceNow Integration Hub to integrate with its existing legacy systems, and the ServiceNow Service Catalog to provide self-service remediation.

ServiceNow and Zoom have multiple tech integrations that allow their joint customers to tailor the Zoom and ServiceNow experience for their employees. For example: ServiceNow is able to be configured to provide employees with extensive Bot. And by using ServiceNow Virtual Agent, dozens of the most frequently asked questions can be easily and quickly resolved.

With Zoom Meeting Anomaly detection, Zoom can identify latency, jitter, and average packet loss — which ServiceNow will use to automatically create an incident on behalf of the user. And with ServiceNow’s AI Ops, Zoom can be enabled to proactively provide users the option to rate their meeting with a thumbs-up or -down icon. If a user clicks the thumbs down icon at the end of a Zoom meeting, the user’s IT department will be notified of the issue and ServiceNow Virtual Agent will reach out to the employee to address and resolve their problem.

Key Quotes:

“Since March, we’ve scaled to meet the incredible increase in business and consumer demand for our solutions. ServiceNow has enabled us to deliver exceptional customer experiences during this period of growth. With the deployment of ServiceNow Customer Service Management, we expect to significantly increase productivity and reduce case volume.”

-Ryan Azus, Zoom’s chief revenue officer

“Zoom has enabled employees across industries around the world to stay connected, and it’s also a core piece of our own technology ecosystem. Zoom’s capabilities and easy-to-use interface have helped our employees stay productive, supporting seamless digital conversations with our customers. Going forward, with the addition of Zoom Phone, we’re getting a head start on an even more robust experience with Zoom – one-touch communication and collaboration features, plus Zoom-connected conference rooms, giving our teams the best work-anywhere experience.”

-ServiceNow’s chief information officer Chris Bedi