Knowledge Orchestration Solutions Company Zoomin Raises $21 Million To Date

By Annie Baker ● December 28, 2020
  • Zoomin Software – a leading provider of knowledge orchestration solutions – announced that it has raised $21 million to date. These are the details.

Zoomin Software – a leading provider of knowledge orchestration solutions – announced that it has raised $21 million to date led by investors Bessemer Venture Partners, Salesforce Ventures, and Viola Growth. And the funding will allow Zoomin to scale its operations throughout the US and EMEA to meet the rising market demand for its solutions, with the company’s new business growth on pace to quadruple this year.

Technical product content is known for being a major strategic resource, used by customers at every stage of their product journey and accounting for approximately 70% of enterprise user web traffic.

However, the siloed approach to its creation and delivery means enterprises fail to make this vital information easily accessible to customers when they need it most. And as a result, customers often struggle to navigate a confusing maze of information scattered across a range of channels, limiting their ability to onboard or understand the full potential of the products they use. Plus Zoomin transforms this technical product content into a light, intuitive, and personalized self-service experience.

Zoomin is known for automatically orchestrating content from any source to deliver personalized product answers at every key stakeholder channel, spanning documentation sites, customer service portals, support communities, product applications, and more. And with advanced analytics covering every content interaction, data-driven insights shed light on user behavior, strategic gaps, and opportunities. These insights guide organizations to make smarter decisions across the enterprise from product to customer success, support, marketing, and sales all based on their existing content.

The demand for scalable self-service knowledge solutions has skyrocketed during the COVID-19 crisis, as remote working and rapid change have created an urgent need to better support customers while enterprises strive to become as lean and efficient as possible.

Zoomin’s solutions have been empowering existing and prospective customers to effortlessly find personalized product answers, deepening product adoption, and improving time to value. And a radically improved user experience has helped Zoomin customers reduce avoidable support tickets by up to 40%, create more satisfied customers with a 17% increase in Net Promoter Score (NPS), and develop a digital-first support culture with an increase in content usage of 320%.


“We are excited to have gained such supportive partners as we experience rapid growth and a surge in demand. The pandemic has accelerated the need for knowledge orchestration as enterprises are struggling to support customers remotely to independently use products and resolve issues, while seeking to achieve business efficiency in a risk-averse environment. As a result of this demand, we’ve amassed some of the world’s largest enterprises as customers and grown our workforce by over 60% during this volatile time. This funding will enable us to continue transforming the way that customers interact with technical product content and empowering them to become product masters and evangelists.”

– Gal Oron, co-founder and CEO of Zoomin

“The era of digital transformation has clearly reached product content. As technical product content continues to grow exponentially, Zoomin allows enterprises to leverage this content as a strategic asset.”

– Amit Karp, Partner at Bessemer Venture Partners

“Salesforce Ventures supports bold ideas put forward by enterprise cloud companies, so we are thrilled to support Zoomin on their journey to improve how product content is experienced. We believe in the innovative team at Zoomin and their vision of increasing content accessibility.” 

– Alex Kayyal, Partner and Head of Salesforce Ventures International.

“Zoomin’s AI-driven knowledge orchestration platform enables companies to uncover the hidden treasure of their under-utilized product content. Transforming how end-users engage with product content removes friction, significantly enhances the customer’s experience throughout the customer journey, and allows the business units to achieve superior KPIs. We are excited by the market demand driven by Zoomin’s significant business value add.”

– Rafi Carmeli, Partner at Viola Growth